Many human being associate head lice infestations with hygiene. However, head lice have nothing to do with cleanliness. They’re largely spread by close or direct contact with a human who already has an infestation. This is why schoolchildren are much more susceptible come head lice infestations than any kind of other demographic.

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Can Head Lice spread out Through inanimate Object?

Once a child has actually contracted head lice, they can spread lock to other members the the family through meaningless objects. According to scientific data, head lice can live for 24 hours without feasting on human being blood. This method they can latch ~ above to pieces of clothing, hair accessories, or bedding and also stay lively for at the very least a day.

So any household who has a kid with head lice requirements to be mindful when sharing together items.

The most generally shared items space hairbrushes and combs. While it’s rare, head lice can spread through the share of these items. To prevent the spread out of head lice, every hairbrushes and combs in the house need to it is in cleaned properly.

Simple clean Method

A simple method of ensuring the brushes and also combs space clean is by soaking them in hot water for at the very least 15 minutes. Make sure that the water is no boiling, or your combs will certainly be ruined.

If friend don’t desire to risk ruining your favourite brush or comb, save them in a strictly sealed bag and also put them in a freezer because that ten to twelve hours to kill off any possible parasites.


Deep clean the Combs and also Brushes

For a depth cleaning, usage a systems of borax, food soap, and also warm water and soak the items in question in it. Use a spare toothbrush come clean any gathered debris or residue together as tiny nits and lice by thoroughly brushing them. Rinse the brushes and also combs with heat water and repeat the process if you have the right to see any buildup quiet left.

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Another great strategy to stop the spread of head lice is to keep the hairbrush and combs offered by the infested human being separate.

Hire expert Lice removal Services

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