Ever feel favor it"s acquisition for-freakin"-ever because that you to drop the load you"re trying come lose? You"re not alone.

While healthy weight-loss guidelines speak you should aim to shed one or 2 pounds every week (whether girlfriend have 5 or 50 pounds come lose), there can be weeks, or even months, as soon as the range doesn’t budge, claims Tori Holthaus, RDN, founder of yes! Nutrition, LLC.

"How lengthy it takes to shed a offered amount of weight counts on so many factors, choose whether you"ve shed weight before, health and wellness conditions, just how much load you actually must lose, and your sleep and also stress levels," she says.

Here, ladies who shed 20 pounds or an ext share just how long the actually took them to shed the pounds—and what helped them lastly reach their goal weights.

"I shed 25 pounds end the course of 5 months."

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"When I i graduated from college ns came house heavier than I had actually ever remained in my life. Ns knew I needed to execute something about it. Ns stepped ~ above the scale and also weighed 172 pounds. I was shocked. Currently I sweet 150 pounds, ultimately at a healthy weight for being 5"8". Because that me, accountability was vital to reaching a healthy and balanced weight. I found a virtual coach who encouraged me every work by sending messages of encouragement, check in to make certain I operated out, and answering any type of questions that ns had. I additionally told my mom and friends around my goals, and I didn"t want to permit them down." —Taylor Jensen, 24, 25 pounds lost

"It took me one year, plus three months to lose what ns regained."


"I"ve shed 86 pounds—and it occurred in stages. It take it me around a year to shed the an initial 76 pounds, and also then I ended up gaining 12 back. About three months ago, I decided that I wanted to hit my initial goal and also lost 22 much more pounds. It took me a little over 3 months come reach the point. Throughout my second go at shedding weight, I reduced out excess carbs from bread and pasta and cut back on sugar. Ns am likewise a large supporter that high-intensity expression training and also bodyweight circuits. Even though i had bad days, weeks, or even months, i picked myself up, moved through it, and started again." —Chelsi Evans, 30, 86 pounds lost

"Over the food of two and a half years, ns lost much more than 140 pounds."


"I had actually an accountability partner that developed an organized arrangement in one Excel spreadsheet, i m sorry we followed every month. In the beginning, seeing the month ahead do me feeling like losing the weight was an impossible accomplishment. However after breaking it down month through month, losing 5 pounds in 4 weeks to be doable. I had the ability to stay continuous the entire method through. In hindsight, I"m happy I had over two years to create a brand-new mindset and also consistent routine. ~ hitting mine goal, I found that obstacles still arise, however I always know just how to get back on track after laying a hard foundation" —Lindsey M. Adams, 30, 140 pounds shed

"Losing weight took me 3 months after ~ my very first pregnancy, and also four month after mine second."


"I"ve constantly weighed between 120 and 130 pounds, until I had actually kids. As soon as my kid was about 10 months old, I began working out pretty intensely v weight cultivate in the evenings and cardio in the mornings, 5 or six days a week. I ended up losing 40 pounds in around three months. Ns went indigenous 163 pounds down to 123 pounds, and also was shocked at how conveniently my human body reacted come the alters I made. But then i hit a plateau, and also I gained pregnant again!

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After that pregnancy, i weighed 182 pounds. After providing birth, I worked out very tough with a little less cardio and more weight training. While working out helped me tremendously, ns wouldn"t have actually seen results if I kept eating the method I had before. I totally changed my diet through eating several lean protein, loads of veggies, small amounts of carbohydrate in the kind of oats or grains, eliminating handle sugars, and drinking tons of water. And of course, I have cheat meals. It"s all around finding balance that works for mine lifestyle. It take it me about four months to get to 152 pounds with 17 percent body fat, and also I"m quite happy whereby I"m at." —Candace Perkins, 30, 30 pounds lost

"I"ve lost a lot of weight at various rates over the food of five years."


"Like most human being who have struggled v weight, I"ve lost a lot and then got it earlier multiple times. Over the past 5 years, I’ve weighed 200 pounds, 180 pounds, and also then 216 pounds. After acquiring busy through work, a move, and also a baby, I witnessed my load creep back up. That"s how I realized that I had actually to do healthy changes that I can stick v over the long-term. In the past five months, I’ve lost an additional 20 pounds to gain to my existing weight that 173 pounds. I’ve done it slowly, do small, sustainable changes in my eat habits, like replacing fries for a next salad and eating brown rice rather of white. I"ve likewise made brisk walking mine main kind of exercise because I hate running." Chantelle Rivera, 28, 43 pounds lost

"I lost 50 pounds in the an initial six months, however my weight loss has spanned 2 years."

"Two year after weighing 276 pounds, I now weigh 209. I lost 50 pounds in the first six months by focusing on eating best to shed weight. Then, I fell in love with lifting weights and also decided come start structure muscle. I quit weighing myself for a while and watched my body adjust drastically. What assisted me v the process the most was remaining consistent. Also if i messed up on mine diet, I was in the gym six days a week." —April Wise, 27, 67 pounds lost

"I"ve lost 135 pounds in 5 years total."

"At mine heaviest, i weighed 283 pounds. My present weight is 148 pounds. End the course of three years, ns lost an ext than 50 pounds through some exercise and counting calories. Throughout the period, my weight constantly yo-yo"d. In October 2014, ns knew it was time to do something much more to stabilize my weight. I started working v a strength, conditioning, and nutrition coach. He teach me how to appropriately fuel my body, the best method to occupational out, and also held me accountable. In the first few months the working with my coach, i smashed my purposes week ~ week. But eventually the number on the scale wasn"t dropping as drastically. It to be frustrating, but I learned that stress, not enough sleep, and also slipping up on my diet to be affecting my progress. After two years of working v him, i lost nearly 80 pounds and 13 percent the my human body fat." Kristyn Dorney, 36, 135 pounds lost

"It took me 6 years to shed 53 pounds."

"The first 10 were very easy to lose. I just stopped eat cookies, candy, and chips. Yet continuing to lose weight to be more complicated and, in ~ times, I also gained some back. Once I have actually time, I exercise for around two hours, 4 times every week. About half of mine time functioning out is invested doing cardio. It’s no easy, but when I observed the transforms in myself, ns felt motivated to keep setup and achieving new goals. I simply wish I"d started working out sooner." —Andy Martinez, 23, 53 pounds lost

"Over the food of the previous 10 years, I lost 80 pounds."

"It has actually been fairly a journey. In ~ my heaviest, ns was roughly 250. I functioned on mine nutrition because that a few years and also slowly incorporated fitness. In the previous year, I obtained really serious about losing weight and began functioning out daily. Because then, I"ve shed 30 pounds and currently weigh 170 pounds. Some could say that my weight-loss timeline is really long, yet I haven’t put the weight earlier on, which mirrors me that these changes will stick. I offered to acquire frustrated once I reached a plateau. I changed up my workouts or re-evaluated what i was eating. However now ns look at it together a kind of accomplishment. My body has actually a new baseline for functioning." —Megan Gilmore, 29, 80 pounds lost

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