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Here is a handy flow chart that you deserve to download that reflects the measures for expungement.


You may have the ability to get complimentary help native a Kansas Legal solutions attorney for your expungement!

This assist is easily accessible through the Clean Slate Kansas program, i beg your pardon is a partnership in between KLS and also the access to justice Lab in ~ Harvard legislation School. Attorney assistance through this routine is detailed at no cost to those who sign up with a research study native Harvard regulation School. 

Study participants will be required to finish a brief survey when every couple of weeks, and also will be compensated $5 because that each inspection they finish.

Participants will likewise need to give the researcher permission come see few of their information from the federal government – for example, taxes and utility company records – until the year 2025.

This regimen is open to Kansas residents of any kind of income level, and also whose situations were tackled in any county-level (District) court in the state the Kansas.

You can apply online at or speak to 800-723-6953 (Monday - Friday, 8 - 4:30)

What is an expungement?

Expungement is the removed of one arrest or conviction from a who criminal record.

When a person’s record is expunged, no info related come the arrest or conviction may be disclosed, with details exceptions.

What records deserve to be expunged?

Arrest records, criminal convictions, and juvenile adjudications have the right to all be expunged in Kansas.

What arrest records deserve to be expunged in Kansas?

An arrest record can be expunged if:

The arrest emerged because of failure identity;A court uncovered there to be no probable cause for the arrest;You were found not guilty in court proceedings; orThe expungement would certainly be in the ideal interests that justice and also either charges have actually been dismissed or no dues are likely to be filed.

Any arrest record can be expunged and also no time border is required. 

What criminal convictions have the right to be expunged in Kansas?

Your criminal conviction have the right to be expunged if the required amount that time has actually passed and also you have not been convicted the a felony in the past 2 years.

Some convicions can be expunged 3 year after payment of every fines and also the completion of the sentence. Those convictions include minor offenses, traffic violations, and also some felonies

Other felonies and also motor vehicle offenses, such as driving if suspended, have the right to be expunged 5 year after the completion of the sentence.

 Look in ~ this chart come determine exactly how long you have to wait.

Severity the crimes and also expungement

This chart shows the length of time that need to pass in between the perfect of all aspects of a criminal sentence or diversion and the submit of an expungement petition. 

Click ~ above this snapshot to view the chart:


What criminal convictions cannot it is in expunged in Kansas?

Capital murderMurder in the first or 2nd degreeVoluntary and involuntary manslaughterRapeAggravated sexual batterySexual battery the underage victimIndecent liberties through a childCriminal sodomyIndecent solicitation of a childSexual exploitation that a childAggravated incestEndangering a childAbuse of a child

Do I have actually to gain my convictions expunged to vote in Kansas?

No, you have the right to vote as quickly as you have been discharged native supervision. The is typically at the finish of a period of probation or parole.

If you room granted probation or parole, you are “under supervison” till the probation or parole space finished. Once those room finished, you deserve to register and also vote in Kansas.

Only civilization who have been convicted of a state or commonwealth felony lose their voting rights. State law (KSA 21-4603, 21-4603d, 21,4615) prevents persons who have been convicted of a other from registering to vote, voting, holding windy office or offer on a jury. 

You have to reregister to vote, also if you to be registered before, as soon as you come to be eligible. 

You will certainly not it is in asked for any kind of proof the you have actually been discharged from supervision. The voter it is registered application type contains an affidavit the you authorize stating the your ideal to vote has actually been restored. 

You can use the file form or apply electronically, online. 

To use online, go here: commonwealth voter registration form

To print, sign and mail the online form, walk here: Paper Voter registration form


What youth adjudications can be expunged in Kansas?

Read much more about juvenile expungements here.

Most juvenile adjudications have the right to be expunged if:

The juvenile has actually reached the age of 23 or it has actually been 2 years since the sentence to be completed;Since the sentence was completed, there are no pending criminal cases; andThe circumstances and behavior of the juvenile warrant expungement.

What juvenile adjudications cannot be expunged in Kansas?

MurderManslaughterRapeIndecent libertiesCriminal SodomyIndecent solicitationSexual exploitationAggravated incestEndangering a childAbuse the a child

How perform I expunge a youth offense?

The interaction interview to create a record for Court to expunge a juvenile document is here:

This can be filed:

·at any kind of age, once 2 years have passed due to the fact that a final discharge (sentence served and also restitution paid.). 

·at period 23 even if over there is no last discharge.

·No felony or misdemeanor conviction after ~ the juvenile instance (although courts might often allow this once 2 years have developed since the prior case was finalized.)

There is a $100 docket fee for filing the expungement.

This is filed in the youth court case, utilizing the same situation number.

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Disclaimer: This is basic information. For certain advice on individual matters, you need to consult one attorney.

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