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Can a equine eat too countless apples?Our neighbors appaloosa has acres top top which to graze (ours and theirs), i beg your pardon she does, yet for fun we feed her apples and carrots.Our apple trees have create a lot of this year, and thus we have actually a many apples. She will certainly eat as countless as we give her.We also give she a carrot or 2 every day. Any type of problem v this?

Yes, a horse can eat too plenty of apples - but it would have to be a fair few. Carry out unripe apples reason colic in horses? they can reason stomache sick in world can"t they? however I"d speak 5 - 8 apples spread out out over the job isn"t going come hurt the average sized horse. We give our equines 2-3 carrots every day and also none have died yet!
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I"ve had actually my pony gain a tummy pains from too countless apples... Where I offered to graze her, the you are fool landowners shifted she fence and allowed her to gain at their apple tree... Needless to say, my fatty of a pony ate as countless as she could until she made it s her ill.And ns don"t think two carrots a job is a problem... If I"m feeding carrots, I normally give em a couple... However I shot not to do it everyday... Cos when I don"t have anything, they"d be placed out! I"ve likewise met a few snappy ponies end the years who had actually owners that indulged them, and would snap at her hands in search of carrots... Needless come say, i don"t bother... My horses are happier through a belly complete of hay and also hard feed. X

I may offer several carrots a day and also one or two apples. I"d think too many can reason diarrhea or colics...
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well if girlfriend fed it to them by the bucket load then castle would most likely have issues with diarrhoea (sp. ?????) but fifty percent a dozen or therefore plus some carrots must be fine. I would just keep an eye on the horses and also if there appears to be any probs stop feeding them therefore many.apples and also carrots need to be choose a act really. I know when i was tiny a treat meant something ns didnt get very often. It must really it is in the same with treats and horses.

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The various other thing to it is in concerned about is that apples room high sugars. If you had a horse that foundered or was IR I would be inclined not to offer them one.Our to apologize tree is "shedding" apologize daily around a price of 8-10, it"s roped turn off so they can"t acquire to it. Every evening ~ I"ve placed the boys in the barn i go out and also toss apples roughly the vast paddock so they need to hunt because that them. I forgot critical night and also this morning ns was late. When I left they to be wandering almost everywhere the place searching for the concealed treats.

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