Calculate the concrete product needed to pour a slab, patio, footing, column, or post-fill-project in cubic yards or pre-mix bags, and also estimate the cost of materials.

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Concrete, which is a mix of water, aggregate, and also cement, is most generally sold by the cubic yard, but is also easily accessible in pre-mixed bags.

It’s necessary to calculation the quantity of product needed as accurately as possible since you frequently only obtain one chance for the pour.

We’ll cover the procedure for estimating concrete in detail below, yet you can additionally use the calculator over to leveling the process.

Steps to calculate Cubic Yards that Concrete

Measure the length, width, and also height of the slab, footing, or column.

If the area is complicated or lot of pours space needed, break the project into smaller pieces and calculate the concrete necessary for every individually.

For instance, when measuring a slab that is not a simple rectangle, try breaking it into various sections and measure the yards necessary for each ar separately.

Round up to the nearest yard as many suppliers will likely not offer fractions the a yard. The is worth asking your supplier if lock will market a partial garden of material, but most do not.

Estimate how numerous pre-mixed bags space needed for smaller projects once it isn’t helpful to order a truckload that concrete.

The table below shows the coverage of different sizes that pre-mix bags. Top top average, it will certainly take 90 40lb bags, 60 60lb bags, or 45 80lb bags to fill one cubic yard of concrete.

How much is a garden of Concrete?

One cubic garden is equal to the volume of a cube v edges that space one garden (three feet) in length.

You can be wonder just just how much concrete is in a cubic yard? A cubic garden is equal to 27 cubic feet or 46,656 cubic inches, or 45 80lb bags.

Concrete Cubic Yards Formulas

Use the following formulas to calculation the concrete required for various varieties of pours.

Square and Rectangular Areas

The volume because that a rectangular room is same to the length times the width times the height. For slabs, substitute the thickness because that the height measurement.

volume = broad × length × height

yds3 = broad ft × length ft × height ft27

Circular and also Cylindrical Areas

The volume because that a circular space is equal to pi time the radius squared time the height. The radius is equal to the diameter separated by two.

volume = π × radius2 × height

yds3 = π × radius ft × radius ft × height ft27

π = 3.14159265359


Divide the steps into rectangles, then discover the volume for each rectangle/cube. Include the volume for each rectangle to uncover the total volume.

volume = width × size × heightyds3 = width ft × size ft × height ft27Try ours concrete steps calculator to quickly estimate material for steps and also stairs.
For more complex shapes, check out our volume calculator.

How numerous Bags the Concrete carry out you Need?

So far, we’ve covered exactly how to calculate yards, but if your project is small, you deserve to use pre-mixed bags that concrete. Pre-mixed bags are sold by companies prefer Quikrete or Sakrete, and come in 40-pound, 60-pound, or 80-pound sizes.

Using bags can be less complicated than ready-mix when you have actually many small pours or a little project where a truck is not helpful or cost-effective. But, store in mind that mixing bags on-site deserve to become challenging if you’re pouring a big slab or countless footings.

For the most part, ready-mix concrete native a van is an ext cost-effective than bags and also makes feeling if you have actually a mid-size project and also can pour all in ~ once.

So, how numerous bags the concrete perform you need?

Calculating bags is a small less straightforward because each bag dimension will fill different volumes. Use the calculator above to calculation how plenty of bags you’ll need.

The table listed below shows the median fill in yards for assorted pre-mix bag sizes. Inspect the bag you’re utilizing to find the exact fill-rate because that the product.

Table mirroring the variety of pre-bags that concrete necessary to fill a volume measured in cubic yards.Bag SizePre-mix Bags required to Fill1/4 cu yd1/2 cu yd3/4 cu yd1 cu yd
40 lb bags23456890
60 lb bags15304560
80 lb bags12233445

How to calculation Concrete Costs

The price of a concrete project varies depending on the project’s size and scope, your geographical location, and also the form of product used.

Concrete expense per Yard

Ready-mix concrete generally starts about $115 per yard but could price upwards the $150 or more, depending on the mix and your location. Think about that there will likely be extr fees because that ready-mix for smaller sized projects, such as shipment or short-load fees.<3>

Cost per Bag

Pre-mix bags usually variety from $2.50 come $7, making them a cost-effective an option for little projects.

Average price that concrete.ready-mix:pre-mix 40 lb bags:pre-mix 60 lb bags:pre-mix 80 lb bags:
$115 – $150 every cu yd
$2.50 – $5 every bag
$3 – $6 every bag
$4.50 – $7 every bag

The average cost to download a concrete slab is $6 – $20 per square foot. Besides the price of concrete and also materials, over there are likewise labor expenses for preparing the area, the pour, and finishing.

A traditional brush end up will likely be on the low finish of the price range, while a decorative finish with coloring will certainly be ~ above the high finish of the range. Think about getting a expert concrete installation calculation from home builders in her area for a much more accurate cost estimate.

Tips because that Preparing because that a Ready-Mix Concrete Pour

Much of the work-related to pour concrete is done prior to the truck even arrives at the project. You’ll have to measure and lay out the site and install develops to produce the edges of a slab or contain a footing.

Use rebar or fiber/steel mesh to reinforce the concrete and to protect against cracking in the future. Use our rebar material and reinforcing mesh calculators to estimate the quantity of reinforcement required for your project.

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Ensure the environment team is prepared for the installation and able to begin as shortly as the truck arrives come avoid having actually it set up prior to the project have the right to be completed and minimize idle time.