I think it's that video game feels too lot "on rails" to me, favor I'm simply playing a really great looking shoot alley video game with some simplistic puzzles thrown in. Sadly, it's quite boring. Yet I've heard for this reason much great about 2 and also 3 that ns ask, have to I skip ahead to 2? Is the on-rails play style still there. If i didn't choose 1 because that the factors I cite above, will I prefer 2? Or, execute I have to like the "feel" of 1 to choose 2?


U2 is better, but as whole the Uncharted series is an ext linear and cinematic than other games. If friend can't appreciate that, then maybe Uncharted isn't for you. U2 and also U3 space loads better though!

I wouldn't speak it's any much more linear than speak to of Duty or Gears the War, to be fair.

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It's certainly a linear, narrative pushed game, however it's no The stimulate 1886.

Are you playing the remastered? If so, no point playing 2. If you're play the original then I'd to speak go directly to 2 if girlfriend don't like 1. Yet on remastered lock look and also feel much an ext similar for this reason if friend don't favor that you probably won't like any of them.

Yeah, it's the remastered version. Ns love the look at of the game. It's the gameplay itself that bugs me.

The other gamings is so various that girlfriend at least should try U2. I myself think U1 by much is the worst video game of the three. U2 is substantially improved gameplaywise and story wise in my opinion. Ns felt like there were unlimited waves of opponents in U1 i beg your pardon was enhanced in U2 and even better in U3.

2 and also 3 room overall, better polished games, but they're tho linear, and really cinematic experiences.

Increased environmental diversity, a better plot, better controls (even in the remastered version), an ext weapons, much better graphics, fleshed out characters and also a much more adventurous narrative make the sequels much much more appealing.

I controlled to endure Drake's Fortune but I wouldn't say i was swollen away. The wasn't until Uncharted 2 and also 3 that ns was really impressed v the series. I would certainly say try playing 2 and also see if you reap that one. Return I will certainly warn you the it does have quite a slow-moving start. They all do, in fact.

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I wasn't exactly a fan of the an initial installment of Uncharted together well. I felt it to be overly repeated as friend just had to attend to waves that neverending enemies. I mean, ns heard so lot hype around the collection so maybe I had set my expectations also high? however as others have actually said, Uncharted 2 and 3 are absolutely worth it. Castle actually included some stealth facets in those two games which ns enjoyed.


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