From 1979 to 1985, a television spinoff that the movie Moonrunners, starring Tom Wopat as Luke Duke and John Schneider as Bo Duke, became an extremely popular – no for the actors but for the auto used in the series.

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The “General Lee”, an orange/red 1969 dodge Charger with the Confederate battle flag painted on the roof, named after the famous Confederate general, normally stole the show.

The automobile would run rivers, roads, hills, and other cars, and also land perfectly to gyeongju off in ~ high speeds. In reality, the jumps would damage the cars so severely the they had actually to it is in scrapped, typically at the very least one or 2 cars every episode.


Dukes that Hazzard cast. Picture by Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

In the beginning, a pair of cars to be wrecked by flipping over throughout a jump till ballast, in the type of sand bags or concrete, was put in the trunk. The is believed, follow to roadway & Track, that an ext than 300 1969 evade Chargers were totaled during the operation of the show, many since of bending frames from jumping.

If, by some chance, a stuntman actually shed control, the film of the accident was written right into the show. Because of the number of cars the were destroyed, the producers had human being going with parking lots and also flying over residential residences offering to buy any type of 1969 evade Chargers that were found.

Dukes that Hazzard Sheriff Car. Picture by Ichabod CC BY-SA 3.0

AMC Ambassadors were redone come look choose Chargers for part episodes. It gained to the point that 1968, 1970, and 1971 Chargers were modified come look favor the 1969 version; dare that would have normally been scrapped were addressed just sufficient to run them again — some also had the engine and transmission taken out and were pushed right into the jump; old footage was used; and also finally, some jump scenes were filmed using miniatures, which to be not supported by the actors. Several of the wrecked cars were cut up for internal shots but much more than 200 were crushed in junkyards.

John Schneider at the 2010 Sacramento Autorama. Photo by Nick Ares CC BY-SA 2.0

When the Dukes of Hazzard to be canceled, there were still 18 general Lees on the CBS lot. They satellite for around five years till someone had the idea of offering them off.

All yet one were sold to private collectors. In 2001, the original basic Lee was found in a junkyard, bought and also restored, and also sold come a professional golfer, Bubba Watson, for over $100,000.

1969 evade Charger photograph by Moto100 CC by 3.0

Watson shown the auto at miscellaneous functions. When he announced the he would be painting over the Confederate flag ~ above the roof, the manager of the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois, Brian Grams, readily available to purchase the automobile from Watson but was turn down.

Warner Bros. Stopped production toy general Lees in 2015 due to the flag — when seen as a price of rebelliousness and a pursuit for freedom — having obtained a negative association v slavery and hatred in current years.

69 dodge Charger. Photo by Greg Gjerdingen CC through 2.0

The development of the battle flag to be to differentiate between the two armies in battle because the really flag the the Confederacy looked too much like the Stars and Stripes.

According to Ben Jones who played “Cooter” top top the show, “I think every one of Hazzard country understands that the Confederate fight flag is the symbol that represents the indomitable spirit of self-reliance which keeps us ‘makin’ our method the only way we know how.”

Sheriff’s car from the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie in ~ the shooting place off Potrero roadway in thousands Oaks. Photo by Richard E. Ellis Eeekster CC by 3.0

According to Tampa’s News Channel 8 website, man Schneider remarked “I take exception to those who say that the flag on basic Lee should constantly be considered a prize of racism. Is the flag used as such in other applications? Yes, however certainly no on the Dukes.”

Jones has founded a chain of stores, Cooter’s Place, in Nashville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Luray, Virginia marketing Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia, clothing, toys, and household goods as well as Confederate flags, clothing, and other items.


The ‘General Lee’ on public display, one of several evade Charger automobiles used in the filming that the American tv series, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, 1979-1985. Photo by Schmendrick CC BY-SA 3.0

Jones additionally organizes events featuring the cast from the tv show and also the music of Tom Wopat and also Whey Jennings (son of country music star Waylon Jennings). Jones is right now working on a documentary about the make of the Dukes that Hazzard television series.

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No issue what your stance ~ above the flag debate on the car, that is impossible to deny the a 1969 dodge Charger through the doors welded closeup of the door made rather an influence on American culture.


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