aMolecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory, central Veterinary study Laboratory, and bCamel Reproduction Center, Dubai, united Arab Emirates; cSchool of Forensic and also Investigative Science, university of main Lancashire, Preston, UK; dDepartment of veterinary Integrative Biosciences, Texas A&M University, university Station, Tex., USA

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Accepted: April 07, 2014Published online: respectable 29, 2014Issue release date: October 2014

Number of print Pages: 7Number the Figures: 3Number of Tables: 5

ISSN: 1424-8581 (Print) eISSN: 1424-859X (Online)

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Chromosome configurations and also chiasma frequency throughout the metaphase I stage of spermatogenesis in the male horse are characterized in this work. The genome-wide frequency and distribution the chiasmata was detected together 49.45 ± 2.07 for 14 abundant stallions. All X and also Y chromosomes mutual a single chiasma at their pseudoautosomal region, while 1-4 chiasmata were observed in autosomal chromosomes. The chiasma frequency and also distribution were further studied because that 8 various bivalents identified by FISH in 5 fertile stallions. Hereditary length was calculated from chiasmata data for the totality genome and also for this 8 chromosomes. The findings complement the hereditary linkage data and provide insight into the genetic basis the spermatogenesis in normal stallions.

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