Density & course Calculator
Accurate delivery density and also class will boost your price quote accuracy and the all at once shipping experience. To calculation the density and class for her shipment, measure the length, width and height of the shipment, including packaging and pallet dimensions and enter into the kind below. See added information and also measuring tips below.
Piecesmeterskg/cubic m Total0 0 .00 .00
Measurement inchesfeetmeters lbskgs Cubic Density Class *
Length Width Height Weight feet lb/cubic ft
.00 .00
Additional Information* based on the dimensions and weight detailed and if your distribution description/classification is based on a complete scale thickness NMFC classification, the applicable course is shown. Dimensions and weight room subject come verification and may be readjusted if found inaccurate in accordance with Item 26 the the rules Tariff (CNWY 199) and also NMFC dominance Item 360.

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Please call your local organization center through questions.
measuring TipsIn instances where the delivery is palletized, the size of the pallet determine the cubic dimensions. Although the original dimension of the carton stays the same, the cubic size now incorporate those the the pallet.Example: Length 48", width 40", elevation 28" (20" to add 8" the pallet) equals 53,760 cubic inch or 31.1 cubic feet.The thickness equals the weight, 110 lbs (80 lbs because that the carton and also approximately 30 lbs for the pallet), separated by the cubic dimension, 3.54 lbs every cubic ft
Conversion Chart
Length To Convert To Multiply By
inches feet 0.0833
inches meters 0.0254
feet inches 12.0
feet meters 0.3048
meters inches 39.3701
meters feet 3.2808
Cubic Dimensions
To Convert To Multiply By
cubic inches cubic feet 0.0005787
cubic inches cubic meters 0.00001639
cubic feet cubic inches 1728.0
cubic feet cubic meters 0.02832
cubic meters cubic inches 61023.843
cubic meters cubic feet 35.3134
To Convert To Multiply By
pounds kilograms 0.4536
kilograms pounds 2.2046

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