The score of anyone the starts to practice TaeKwonDo is get a black belt. This, in ~ first, seemingly impossible task, took me 3 years. Once I tested and also passed because that my black belt, the next goal I set was to obtain my 2nd degree black belt. Therefore asked myself, what space the Taekwondo black belt levels and how lengthy will it take to go to every level?

Since i had focused for over 3 year in obtaining my first degree, i didn’t know exactly how long or what it took to test for my second degree or even its name.

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This bring about my examination on what it would certainly take and how long it would take to gain to each black belt level. This is what I found out.

Belt LevelYears come ObtainName
1st degreeMinimum 2 – 3 yearsCho Dan
2nd degreeMinimum 2 yearsEe Dan
3rd degreeMinimum 3 yearsSam Dan
4th degreeMinimum 4 yearsSa Dan
5th degreeMinimum 5 yearsOh Dan
6th degreeMinimum 6 yearsYuk Dan
7th degreeMinimum 7 yearsCh’il Dan
8th degreeMinimum 8 yearsP’Al Dan
9th degreeMinimum 9 yearsKoo Dan
10th degreeMinimum 10 YearsSip Dan

To gain to your an initial degree black belt will take a minimum of 2 to 3 years. To walk from one black belt degree to the following will take it as countless years together the belt you space going to check for. For example, to walk from your first degree black belt come your second degree black belt will take at least 2 years.

Black Belt: just the start Of TaeKwonDo Training

I quiet sometimes discover it difficult to believe the quantity of students that obtain their black belts and then prevent taking classes. I expect they feel that they have completed their goal and also it to be time to move on.

For me, however, the was just the start of learning Taekwondo. I felt as if i was starting over and that the genuine training was about to start.

Once you’ve got your 1st Dan black belt, you then have to study for a minimum that the variety of stripes your going for, for this reason 2 years for 2nd Dan, 3 years for 3rd etc.

Black Belt levels in Taekwondo for adults

1st degree Black Belt

When you acquire your an initial degree you, then you are thought about a “senior student” and you are able to begin teaching the reduced belts if her instructor permits you.

Usually girlfriend will begin teaching the white belts and the younger students very first and together you obtain experience in teaching ( no as simple as it may look) you will be permitted to teach the larger and more advanced students. You have to be at least 16 year old come test for your 1st Dan.

The Poomsae to learn at this level is Koryo

2nd degree Black Belt

When you gain your second Degree her title will adjust that come “Kyo san Nim”. A second Degree black belt is naturally an ext experienced and skilled. At this level you will regularly be a certified Instructor to teach the larger students and also those that are more advanced under the accuse of a Master. You should be at the very least 18 years old to obtain this level

The Poomsae to learn at this level is Keumgang

3rd degree Black Belt

This is whereby it really begin to readjust and your title will adjust to “Sam Dan”. A 3rd Degree has acquired a higher proficiency the both the shade belt material, and advanced Black Belt training and also is qualified to be certified together a Sr. Instructor. You have to be at the very least 21 year old come test because that this level

The Poomsae to learn at this level is Taebaek

4th degree Black Belt

A fourth Degree is considered to be one of two people a understand rank, or a small or combine Master. They are usually default to command the black color Belts, and also promote color belts under your teaching up to he 1st Dan. Her title will adjust to “Sa Bum Nim” and you will have actually the capability to open up your own school. You should be at the very least 25 years old come test because that this level.

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The Poomsae to learn at this level is Pyonwon

5th level Black Belt

From the allude on it less about what you deserve to do physical and an ext about what you have done for Taekwondo and the organization. Therefore, a fifth Degree is basically an experienced 4th Degree with higher knowledge and skills in both the physical and also technical side and one’s to teach ability.

At this level you have the capacity to promote black color belts to greater levels and also teaching the aides to come to be Instructors and Masters. You should be at least 30 year old to test for this level.

The Poomsae to learn at this level is Sipjin

6th level Black Belt

At 6th degree one is in ~ even an ext rarefied air and at this level and also the key job, in enhancement to proceeding one’s very own training, is to teach other instructors. One is under straight supervision that a Grandmaster (8th and 9th Degree). Girlfriend are referred to as a an elderly Master.

The Poomsae to find out at this level is Jitae

7th level Black Belt

The earliest one is maybe to with this rank is the period of 36 and also its very difficult to with this rank before that nevertheless of one’s cultivate schedule. Similar to the 6th degree, one is under the straight supervision and continuous instruction of a Grandmaster 8 hours or 9th Dan.

The Poomsae to find out at this level is Chongkwon

8th level Black Belt

At this phase one is referred to as a Grandmaster. In ~ this allude one will require to get physical exam and a doctor’s note. In addition, sparring and breaking is no mandatory. One needs to be at least 53 year old and also one is spring at probably 40 year to get it.

The Poomsae to learn at this level is Hansoo

9th degree Black Belt

This is the last and also highest energetic rank . That is very daunting to reach and also cannot be done uneven you are at the very least 53 year old. The takes tremendous devotion come the art, tough work and consistent training because that life.

To obtain to this point one should have had to serve on a board, or acted as a referee for plenty of years. One will additionally have to have overseen a significant number of black color belts and/or various other such accomplishments.

The Poomsae to discover at this level is Ilyeo

10th level Black Belt

This is the highest possible black belt level in Taekwondo. That is really just an honorary title and given come those who have influenced or influenced the growth and advance of Taekwondo.

Black Belt levels in TaeKwonDo for children

A black color belt for kids is taken into consideration to be because that those under the age of 16 and also their black color belt ranks are dubbed “Pooms’ and also can go up to 4. The testings to gain your black belt as a child deserve to vary from that of one adult. In addition, until they turn 17 they are not permitted to teach one adult class.

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At the period of 15 Poom holders room able move their location to Dan

Final notes on TaeKwonDo black color Belts


Its necessary to keep in mind that the testing for the various black belt levels is separate from the teaching certificates because that Instructor, Master, an elderly Master and also Grandmaster.

Moving up in black belt ranks is quiet going to based upon your physical ability to execute the important requirements for the rank consisting of forms, sparring, division etc.

Also store in mind that the trial and error for each one of the black belt levels will be different depending upon the TaekwonDo association or institution that one is training in i.e civilization Taekwondo, American Taekwondo, Etc. Come learn more about this individual organizations, you have the right to read this short article I wrote.