Raising ducks because that eggs method raising prolific layers. There room 13 top duck breeds for eggs, laying between 150 come 300 duck eggs per year. Find the best egg laying duck in this article.

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The Saxony breed originated from Germany and is a twin purpose breed. This is a bigger breed in dimension weighing in in between 8 to 9 pounds.

The thrive out the this each other is slow contrasted to other twin purpose ducks. Saxony are great foragers. Lot like the various other breeds noted Saxony ducks room docile and an excellent for very first time keepers and also children.

Saxony place extra large white and also blue/green shade eggs. The amount of duck eggs received yearly range between 190 to 240 eggs.

Silver Appleyard

Silver Appleyard ducks room a good breed for those who are new to raising ducks. This each other originated indigenous England and also are a docile breed which enjoys foraging.

This is a larger twin purpose each other weighing between 8 come 9 pounds. Lot like the other breeds mentioned, the silver- Appleyard is adaptable to various temperature ranges.

Silver Appleyards lay large/extra large white shade eggs. The amount of duck eggs obtained yearly selection between 220 come 265 eggs.

Welsh Harlequin

Personally, one of my favorite breeds come raise. The Welsh Harlequin duck breed originated indigenous Wales and has a calm, curious disposition and also are a twin purpose breed.

They favor to cost-free range and also forage prior to consuming readily available feed. This each other tolerates various climate transforms well, and also is terrific duck come raise because that novice keepers.

Welsh Harlequin ducks space a medium twin purpose breed weighing between 5 to 5.5 pounds, laying large cream colored eggs. The amount of duck eggs received yearly selection between 240 come 330 eggs.

Hybrid Breeds

Murray McMurray Hatchery emerged a breed well-known as the yellow Star Hybrid.

This breed has actually been crossed through multiple breeds to produce a layer i beg your pardon lays more, and larger, eggs 보다 the Khaki Campbell. Yellow Stars have a patience temperament with a high fertility rate.

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From McMurray Hatchery – The coloring of gold Star Hybrid Ducks may vary. Males are shades of black and females are shades of brown. Ducklings deserve to be sexed through color, yet they perform not maintain these attributes in future generations.

Fully grown this each other will average 4 to 6 pounds, laying between 200 come 290 white eggs every year.