Are friend thinking about becoming a dump truck driver? even if it is you desire to start a brand-new career as a trucker, to add useful skills for your project in construction, or friend have countless years behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer rig, take it a moment to think about this option.

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Dump van driving is a trucking task that provides something to veteran motorists who want to continue to be closer come home. The can likewise be an opportunity for rookies looking come break into the industry and gain experience on the road. It is an different to the long trips far from home that over-the-road (OTR) truckers regularly have come endure.

If you desire to become a dump van driver, you need to either it is in or setup to end up being a trucker through the advertising driver’s license (CDL) suitable to the vehicles you will drive.


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Dump truck Driving – devoted Truck steering Job

As a dump truck driver, you spend your workday:

Picking up bulk loads in ~ one location, Hauling lots to other sites, andTipping or dumping the end the components of the van bed.

Typical cargoes encompass soil, sand, building and construction rubble, minerals, coal, grain, or any type of other bulk material the companies and also customers great to have actually extracted, removed, or delivered.

Dump van are committed vehicles constructed on truck chassis the every description. In ~ the extreme upper end, there space dump van the dimension of residences that work at mineral extraction sites, such as coal mines and rock quarries.


The construction of recording trucks differ by the hauling tonnage, variety of axles, and also trailer combinations. These arrangements include standard dump trucks on right truck chassis, tractor-trailer rigs, or any kind of other street-legal mix of trucks and trailers.

The obvious feature is a cargo bed that can be tilted electrically or hydraulically to off-load that contents. Like other heavy trucks, dumpers usually have manual transmissions, through anything from 8 to 25-gears, so you do need to master part driving an abilities to operate them.

Why come to be a Dump van Driver? 

A dump van driving job can provide the finest of trucking and construction equipment careers. While, in some situations, it can seem prefer a repeated job, however it quiet has plenty of of the appealing elements of trucking.

As with any type of trucking job, you room out on the road, every job is different, you execute not need to share the cab of your truck through coworkers, and you don’t have a super standing end you. However, over there are other benefits for dump truck vehicle drivers too, including the way you obtain paid and how frequently you watch your family.


Similar come tow truckers, drivers of dump trucks gain to go home at the end of your shift. This is appealing contrasted to OTR truckers who are on the road for weeks in ~ a time.

Summary the dump van driver benefits and advantages:

Local work, Monday come FridayRegular hours and hourly pay Potential for advance to greater earnings

Dump truck Driver Salary


Dump truck driving is an different to OTR trucking jobs. The salary potential is maybe slightly reduced than OTR trucking jobs. The difference is in the details and how motorists get paid.

The normal method the payment because that dump truck drivers is hourly or occasionally by the load, quite than through the mile, the way other truckers acquire compensated.

According come, dump truck motorists are categorized in the Heavy and Tractor-trailer group. The median annual pay:

$45,260 per year or $21.76 per hour (2019)

If over there is any kind of construction or resource extraction activity in your neighborhood you will have the ability to work locally, Monday to Friday 9-5. Together you acquire experience, you can earn much more per hour. If you sign up with a union, you have the right to make more still. Teamster members have the right to receive as much as double the average, according to the work website.

Dump truck driver income comparison:

Avg. Hourly RateAvg. Value (2080 hours)
Truck Driver$29.36$61,072
Dump truck Driver$18.75$39,000
Construction Worker$18.19$37,843
Tow van Driver$31.22$64,936

How to end up being a professional Dump truck Driver?


Dump truck Driver Qualifications

The legislation treats dump trucks as any other heavyweight advertisement vehicle. State motor auto regulators, public security departments, and also Federal agencies take a keen interest in any type of vehicles that move heavy loads top top the roads and highways that the nation. Check with her department of motor vehicles (DMV) for the specific rules in her state.

Depending ~ above the dump truck you drive, you need at least a Class-B CDL and also any appropriate endorsements. If you room an competent trucker through a Class-A license and the proper endorsements, you room well qualified to drive a dump truck. To earn your patent from scratch, you must pass a clinical examination, medicine test, and also have a clean steering record. You can attain a printout of your driving history from your local DMV office.

Class A

You deserve to drive practically any automobile including:

Eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer unitsAny truck and also trailer combination, such together doubles, triples or any kind of trailer of much more than 10,000 lbs.Class BStraight trucks such as ten or twelve-wheelers right trucks that 26,000 lbs. Or an ext combined through a trailer of not more than 10,000 lbs.Endorsements

Endorsements are additional written knowledge tests for certain technical knowledge and competence the you take as component of the composed examination. These incorporate the following endorsements that relate come dump trucks.

Combination vehiclesAir brakesTanker vehiclesHazardous materialsDouble and triple trailersAdditional testing Requirements

As component of the written trial and error process, friend will have to retest because that any and also all licenses endorsements that you already have, in addition to the brand-new license and also endorsements you space seeking. You will have to pass every one of them to breakthrough to the an abilities and roadway tests.

As component of the experimentation process, you have actually to carry out the automobile in which you will certainly take the an abilities and roadway tests. When you pass your tests and also earn her license, the may have restrictions due to the constraints of the car you lug to the test.

Take the driving check in the largest automobile you can, and also with the fewest restrictions possible. It will provide you more options when it is time to advancement your career. For example, if you happen the driving test in a truck with an automatic transmission, the DMV will restrict your patent to vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Check the end this massive dump truck:

Career Outlook 

Dump truck motorists depend on sectors like construction, quarrying, and also bulk products hauling. The demand depends greatly on the state the these economic sectors. However, own a CDL frees girlfriend from being dependent ~ above the construction and also materials industries.

Truckers are in brief supply for this reason there will certainly be demand for them because that the foreseeable future. If you desire to make progress into hefty machinery building and construction jobs, having a CDL will give you one advantage. For example, one employer could favor hiring a backhoe operator who have the right to drive a recording truck and also pull the backhoe on a flatbed trailer. Additionally, in part states, every heavy devices operators must have CDLs by law.

As lengthy as you have actually a CDL, a valid clinical certificate, and also you room in good standing v your state DMV, friend will be able to find job-related as a trucker. Control a dump truck for an employer deserve to lead to other avenues in construction, management, training, and business ownership.

Becoming a Dump truck Owner Operator


As an independent owner-driver, you will certainly likely find that you can bill your solutions by the hour or the load. Friend will need your own vehicle. Every one of the business, fuel, and also maintenance expenses will come the end of her pocket. Brand-new and used dump trucks are obtainable through brokers and truck dealership. Girlfriend can also find used trucks v online sources prefer eBay Motors.

Your earnings will it is in the profit you have the right to take out after girlfriend account for all of the costs. Organization ownership could be an alternative if you have the savings or credit to for sure a vehicle, and also the experience and contacts to uncover enough occupational consistently. As an employee, you seldom have to worry around all the the extra occupational that goes right into running a business.

Open Doors to much more Jobs and much better Career Prospects

The future is bright because that dump truck drivers. Together an OTL trucker, you can discover work right currently as a dump truck driver and enjoy neighborhood employment and also hourly pay. As a building worker through a CDL, you open up doors to better jobs within the sector or the end on the open up road too.

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There are not countless other positions in the trucking job that have actually the very same balance that work and pay. If you have a CDL and also drive a dump truck, you deserve to be confident that you will constantly be maybe to advancement into various other trucking tasks when that suits you.