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TLC, a three-member American R&B girl team which incorporates elements of hip-hop and pop, was developed in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. Two of the members, Tionne Watkins and also Lisa Lopes, to be originally component of team called second Nature v Crystal Jones. The group’s surname was TLC-Skee with TLC gift an acronym because that the three girls’ very first names. early to conflicts within the group, crystal Jones left and also as a two-member group, TLC-Skee to be featured top top a track because that Damian Dame’s 1991 self-titled album. In 1991, Rozonda Thomas, a part-time back-up dancer because that Damian Dame was preferred to be the 3rd member the the group.

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After thomas was signed the group’s name shortened to TLC. In stimulate to store the acronym relevant to the girls’ names every member was provided a new stage name. Tionne Watkins ended up being “T-Boz,” Lisa Lopes ended up being “Left-Eye,” and Rozonda Thomas became “Chilli.” ~ above February 25, 1992, TLC released their debut album, Ooooooohhh… top top the TLC Tip. The album to be a advertising success with 3 singles make it right into the top ten the the Billboard hot 100 and also was certified as quadruple-platinum in the joined States an interpretation it sold four million copies.

Throughout the group’s career, TLC has had actually nine singles in the height ten that the Billboard warm 100 charts. TLC has additionally recorded four multi-platinum albums. The those four multi-platinum albums, their second studio album CrazySexyCool, released in 1994, received diamond certification from the Recording market Association that America (RIAA). This is still the just album by a female team to have received a diamond certification from the RIAA. Their third album FanMail was released in 1999.

TLC is still the best-selling American girl team in the human being with 65 million albums sold in total and also is second global only come the English girl group, Spice girl who have actually sold 85 million albums in total. Due to the fact that the group’s debut they have actually won 56 awards. Amongst the numerous awards the group has won many notably, 5 Grammy awards, 3 Billboard Music awards, and five soul Train Music awards.

Among those awards, TLC won the Grammy compensation for best R&B Album and the finest R&B performance by a Duo or group with Vocal compensation in 1996 and 2000. In 2000, TLC additionally won the Grammy compensation for finest R&B tune for their tune “No Scrubs.” in ~ the 1996 Billboard Music Awards, TLC winner Artist the the Year, R&B Artist that the Year, and R&B single of the Year for “Creep.” In 2012 TLC got the Legend Award throughout the 2013 MTV Japan Awards.

TLC were music and fashion icons of the 1990s, however were likewise known for cultivating safe sex, anti-drug, and HIV/AIDS avoidance messages through their music. The team also promoted the article of mrs empowerment in their song lyrics. In the so late 1990s, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, that battled sickle-cell anemia, became a spokesperson because that the Sickle Cell condition Association that American.

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On April 25, 2002, rapper that the group Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes passed away in a vehicle crash if filming a documentary in Honduras. TLC ongoing as a two-member group until 2005. In 2007 they began to make appearances again together guest performers for award shows, music festivals, and also concerts. In 2015, TLC walk on a north American tour with new Kids on the Block and Nelly, making that the an initial tour the team did in fifteen years. ~ above June 30, 2017, TLC released their self-titled 5th studio album.

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