acetone - 790 g/l/nbeer - 1010 g/l/nbutter - 920 g/l/nethyl alcohol - 790 g/l/nflour - 570 g/l/nglycerine - 1260 g/l/nmilk - 1030 g/l/nsugar, sugar beet - 800 g/l/nsugar, granulated - 700 g/l/nsugar, powder - 560 g/l/nsunflower oil - 920 g/l/nwater - 1000 g/l/n l = 1000 g
acetone - 0.00127 l/g/nbeer - 0.00099 l/g/nbutter - 0.00109 l/g/nethyl alcohol - 0.00127 l/g/nflour - 0.00175 l/g/nglycerine - 0.00079 l/g/nmilk - 0.00097 l/g/nsugar, beet - 0.00125 l/g/nsugar, granulated - 0.00143 l/g/nsugar, flour - 0.00179 l/g/nsunflower oil - 0.00109 l/g/nwater - 0.001 l/g/n g = 0.001 l
l to g counter table:0.01 liter
=10 grams0.21 liter=210 grams0.41 liter=410 grams0.7 liter=700 grams
0.02 liter=20 grams0.22 liter=220 grams0.42 liter=420 grams0.8 liter=800 grams
0.03 liter=30 grams0.23 liter=230 grams0.43 liter=430 grams0.9 liter=900 grams
0.04 liter=40 grams0.24 liter=240 grams0.44 liter=440 grams1 liter=1000 grams
0.05 liter=50 grams0.25 liter=250 grams0.45 liter=450 grams1.1 liter=1100 grams
0.06 liter=60 grams0.26 liter=260 grams0.46 liter=460 grams1.2 liter=1200 grams
0.07 liter=70 grams0.27 liter=270 grams0.47 liter=470 grams1.3 liter=1300 grams
0.08 liter=80 grams0.28 liter=280 grams0.48 liter=480 grams1.4 liter=1400 grams
0.09 liter=90 grams0.29 liter=290 grams0.49 liter=490 grams1.5 liter=1500 grams
0.1 liter=100 grams0.3 liter=300 grams0.5 liter=500 grams1.6 liter=1600 grams
0.11 liter=110 grams0.31 liter=310 grams0.51 liter=510 grams1.7 liter=1700 grams
0.12 liter=120 grams0.32 liter=320 grams0.52 liter=520 grams1.8 liter=1800 grams
0.13 liter=130 grams0.33 liter=330 grams0.53 liter=530 grams1.9 liter=1900 grams
0.14 liter=140 grams0.34 liter=340 grams0.54 liter=540 grams2 liters=2000 grams
0.15 liter=150 grams0.35 liter=350 grams0.55 liter=550 grams3 liters=3000 grams
0.16 liter=160 grams0.36 liter=360 grams0.56 liter=560 grams4 liters=4000 grams
0.17 liter=170 grams0.37 liter=370 grams0.57 liter=570 grams5 liters=5000 grams
0.18 liter=180 grams0.38 liter=380 grams0.58 liter=580 grams7 liters=7000 grams
0.19 liter=190 grams0.39 liter=390 grams0.59 liter=590 grams9 liters=9000 grams
0.2 liter=200 grams0.4 liter=400 grams0.6 liter=600 grams10 liters=10000 grams

g to together conversion table:
10 grams=0.01 liter210 grams=0.21 liter410 grams=0.41 liter700 grams=0.7 liter
20 grams=0.02 liter220 grams=0.22 liter420 grams=0.42 liter800 grams=0.8 liter
30 grams=0.03 liter230 grams=0.23 liter430 grams=0.43 liter900 grams=0.9 liter
40 grams=0.04 liter240 grams=0.24 liter440 grams=0.44 liter1000 grams=1 liter
50 grams=0.05 liter250 grams=0.25 liter450 grams=0.45 liter1100 grams=1.1 liter
60 grams=0.06 liter260 grams=0.26 liter460 grams=0.46 liter1200 grams=1.2 liter
70 grams=0.07 liter270 grams=0.27 liter470 grams=0.47 liter1300 grams=1.3 liter
80 grams=0.08 liter280 grams=0.28 liter480 grams=0.48 liter1400 grams=1.4 liter
90 grams=0.09 liter290 grams=0.29 liter490 grams=0.49 liter1500 grams=1.5 liter
100 grams=0.1 liter300 grams=0.3 liter500 grams=0.5 liter1600 grams=1.6 liter
110 grams=0.11 liter310 grams=0.31 liter510 grams=0.51 liter1700 grams=1.7 liter
120 grams=0.12 liter320 grams=0.32 liter520 grams=0.52 liter1800 grams=1.8 liter
130 grams=0.13 liter330 grams=0.33 liter530 grams=0.53 liter1900 grams=1.9 liter
140 grams=0.14 liter340 grams=0.34 liter540 grams=0.54 liter2000 grams=2 liters
150 grams=0.15 liter350 grams=0.35 liter550 grams=0.55 liter30000 grams=30 liters
160 grams=0.16 liter360 grams=0.36 liter560 grams=0.56 liter4000 grams=4 liters
170 grams=0.17 liter370 grams=0.37 liter570 grams=0.57 liter5000 grams=5 liters
180 grams=0.18 liter380 grams=0.38 liter580 grams=0.58 liter7000 grams=7 liters
190 grams=0.19 liter390 grams=0.39 liter590 grams=0.59 liter9000 grams=9 liters
200 grams=0.2 liter400 grams=0.4 liter600 grams=0.6 liter10000 grams=10 liters

Thank you because that the converter which help to adjust fromgrams come litersand evil versa. I usage it as soon as I prepare jam. Then it is basic to measure and distribute sugar, berries, and also other ingredients. I call for myself to formulate my appreciation and I would prefer to provide a couple of tips i beg your pardon can help you probably. Ns hope so.Really very delicious jam deserve to be cooked just from equally "matured" fruits and berries. Suppose the berries room uneven in size and also taste. This method that till it is cooked uneven bigger berries will shed their shape and also fall right into the porridge. So the consistency will be uneven. Cook jam just from fresh, conditionally also berries and fruits.If berries space soft (strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, etc.), they have to be washed closely to avoid crushed ones. First, choose the berries, pick the leaves, stalks, location them in a colander and also for about 3-4 minutes to wash under the shower head jet. Then about ten minutes leave the berries in a colander to permit the water come drip.How to inspect the level that ripeness? Younger fruits space brighter. The jam is delicious only from greener apricots, walnuts, gooseberries. Older fruits come in brighter colors. The meat of older fruits is liquefied, such fruit are an ideal for jams. Size also matters - if you want to cook jam from whole berries and fruits, pick smaller ones.The outcome of every the work-related will likewise depend on exactly how you choose the dishes for the jam. Copper is not the finest material for food preparation jams. Fruits and berries save an acid that create copper oxides. Visually, the looks favor dark clues on a dish. Copper can malfunction vitamin C, therefore jam cooking in a copper vessel is cost-free from the vitamin. Jams are frequently boiled in aluminum containers, yet this cannot be excellent categorically. Tiny components of aluminum go into the jam. Enameled or stainless stole pots are perfect for food preparation jams.So i wish you come get countless grams and also liters the jam and also use the converter if you desire to carry out your best.

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