One of the most renowned ways to visit hogwart is come re-read J.K. Rowling"s books. When loves nothing more than come dive deep into wizarding civilization on the page, another joy of being a Potterhead is the adaptation that involved life by Warner Bros Studios.

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Back in the day once the initial movies were released, that was simple to fit three or 4 movies right into one day. Even now, we can capture the harry Potter movies airing on tv with marathons top top SYFY and USA. If you"ve everparticipated in one in ~ the theaters, or in ~ home, we all recognize that the movies market a magical means to return to our favourite series.
With every eight movies now official released into theaters and on dvd/streaming, ns wondered if the was possible to endure a 24-hour harry Potter movie marathon challenge.Could you survive watching the entirety franchise in one day? ns did the math to find out.
To number out if a 24 hour marathon was possible, I damaged down every movie from start to end by to run the typical theatrical version dvds.Please note: ns did not take the times from Google as outcomes vary from theatrical to prolonged versions.
Sorcerer"s Stone =152 minutes =2 hrs 32 minutes
Chamber the Secrets =161 minutes =2 hrs 41 minutes
Prisoner the Azkaban =142 minute =2 hours 22 minutes
Goblet the Fire =157 minutes =2 hours 37 minutes
Order that the Phoenix =139 minutes =2 hrs 18 minutes
Half Blood Prince =153 minutes =2 hrs 33 minutes
Deathly Hallows pt 1 =146 minute =2 hrs 26 minutes
Deathly Hallows pt 2 =130 minute =2 hrs 10 minutes

Harry Potter Marathon Rules

What time can you start? 4:00 AMWhat time could you end? 11: 40 PMIt would be a lengthy day yet ultimately a magical endure for girlfriend (and your friends!).For the marathon to be worthy of a true Potterhead"s dedication, the rules would encompass minimal breaks in-between movies and also no-fast forwarding through your least favorite scenes.
Is there any means to conserve time?
You have the right to shave off anextra 1 hour and 30 minutes. Nearly every movie"s finish credits space 8 come 14 minutes long. For this reason you could cut come the following movie beforehand or use the credits as time come stretch, refill snacks, take a breather or hygiene break.Extended dvd versions possible?No. The prolonged dvds incorporate deleted scene that extend the theatrical versions. The extra scenes operation the risk of breaching the 24 hour time limit.
When can you take it a break?
You have the right to refill top top snacks/drinks/take a hygiene break as the movie play and taking breaks in between each movie however they must be limited. Make sure your rest doesn"t last much longer than the end credits.

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Fantastic Beasts Marathon

Can you incorporate the great Beasts series into the marathon?
Fantastic Beasts and also Where To discover Themis 2 hrs and 13 minute long. You"ll barely to express the first film in if girlfriend start earlier than 4AM.If you proceed to include the great Beasts sequels together asFantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald, a one-day bother Potter marathon will eventually turn into a two-day marathon.The marathon and timing truly count on maintaining track of just how you use your breaks, starting each movie without skipping your least favorite scenes, and also having as lot fun together possible! great luck or have to I say, brew part Felix Felicis!
Could you make it through the harry Potter at some point Movie Marathon?

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