Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the only child of the late Hollywood exhilaration legend Burton Reynolds and the gorgeous actress Loni Anderson. Choose his parents, Quinton works in Hollywood, however he is no as famed as his parents, likely because he works behind the scenes. Right here is every little thing we know around Burt's son.

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Burt is no Quinton's biological father; his parents adopted him when he simply a child baby.

Loni Anderson and also her child Quinton at the Spooky empire Horror Convention at the Hyatt Regency top top October 28, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. Photo: Manny HernandezSource: Getty Images

Who is Quinton Anderson Reynolds mother? Quinton's adoptive mom is renowned multiple-Golden Globe-nominated actress Loni Anderson.

There is no info in the public room about his biological parents .

While his mommy is alive and also currently 75 years old, his father, Burt Reynolds, is late. He died on September 6, 2018, and the reason of his fatality was a love attack. He to be 82 year old at the moment he died; he was born ~ above February 11, 1936.

How old is Quinton Reynolds now?

Quinton's period as of 2021 is 32 years. He to be born on august 31, 1988; that will become 33 years old in august 2021.

Quinton is the just child that the late actor; there room no various other Burt Reynolds children. He, however, has a half-sister whose name is Deidre Hoffman from his mother's first marriage to Bruce Donald Hasselberg.


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Educational background

He attended institutions in California because that his elementary and high institution education. He had actually his university education and learning at California State University, whereby he finished through a level in Arts.

What does Quinton Anderson Reynolds do for a living?

Like his parents, Quinton Reynolds works in Hollywood, however behind the scenes. He has worked as a camera operator, a digital imaging technician, editor, video editor, post-production assistant, electrical department staff, etc.

He began working in Hollywood at least ten years ago.

Burt Reynolds and son Quinton during 4th Annual Taurus world Stunt Awards at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, CA, joined States. Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagicSource: Getty Images

He has operated on number of films and television projects. His superior filmography includes All I want for Christmas (2013), Dear an enig Santa (2013), 3 Musketeers (2011), Almighty Thor (2011), 2012: Ice period (2011), Ouija: origin of Evil, and also more. He has over 50 credits for his work-related behind the scenes.

Quinton Reynolds net worth


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Anderson's net worth is guesstimated come be about $1 million. His father was worth $3 million at the time of his death, while his mother's network worth is approximated to be $12 million.

Why go Burt Reynolds leaving his boy out of will?

Many people were shocked by the news that Burt Reynolds kid was purposefully left out of his dad's will. However, the late actor made together a decision when he to be still alive due to the fact that he had currently created a trust fund for his son. The details the the trust have actually not been made public expertise yet.

According come reports by everyday News, the so late Hollywood legend declared in his last testimony that he did not encompass his child in his critical will and testament since he had actually made provisions because that him in his declaration of Trust when he was alive.


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Many have speculated the leaving Quinton the end of the will certainly was a intentional financial move by the late actor.

Also, follow to reports, the late legend actor signed his will in October 2011 and also made his nephew Nancy Lee Brown Hess the an individual representative that his whole estate.

TMZ reported the the will record made that clear the the late actor had created a to trust for his only child years ago and that he would continue to get money from the trust.

Burt Reynolds and his child Quinton arrive at the premiere of big Pictures" "The Longest Yard" in ~ the Chinese theatre on might 19, 2005, in Los Angeles, California. Photo: KevinSource: Getty Images

Quinton's dating history

Burt Reynolds son has actually kept this aspect of his life tightly far from the media. He does not article pictures the his partners on social media or talk about them.

Body measurements

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the only child of his late renowned father and also the second child the his mother, Lori Anderson. His father referred to as him his greatest achievement and left him a trust fund prior to he died.


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