3. George Foreman – 12 children (2 Adopted) v 4 Women

Yet an additional boxer to make this list, George Foreman has 12 children (five sons and seven daughters), consisting of two adopted daughters. The two-time people Heavyweight Champion made decision to name all of his sons George (and a daughter called Georgetta), and also Foreman explained his choice by stating “if you’re walk to acquire hit as countless times together I’ve been hit by Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Evander Holyfield—you’re no going come remember many names.” Unlike many of the entries ~ above this list, Foreman takes an excellent pride in being a father and has even written a book around fatherhood. Speaking around children native previous partners, Foreman believes the “you might have also an ex-wife or ex-husband, yet you deserve to never have actually ex-children.” Foreman likewise seems to have the money to raise together a big amount of children, greatly thanks come his promotion of the George Foreman Grill.

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2. Antonio Cromartie – 12 children With 8 Women

New York jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie has actually a chuck 12 youngsters with eight different women, and also at 31 years old the may simply well include to this tally if who doesn’t teach him just how to exercise safe sex soon. He has actually been married come Terricka Cason indigenous Candy Girls because 2010, with four of his 12 youngsters coming indigenous this relationship. In 2010, Cromartie’s superior child assistance payments were taken treatment of through the Jets—something the a most these athletes would certainly be an ext than jealous of. Kellen Winslow and Antonio Cromartie recently had actually a feud on Twitter, through Winslow retaliating by claiming that Cromartie need to “learn her kids’ names.” In a 2010 version of Hard Knocks, Cromartie is asked come name every one of his children (which he struggles to do). He additionally reportedly had actually a vasectomy in 2011, but the twins that arrived in 2014 imply otherwise.

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1. Calvin Murphy – 14 kids With 9 Women

Most human being consider 3 or four kids to it is in a lot, but former Rockets player Calvin Murphy has a jaw-dropping 14 kids and also by nine various women. That must be one amazing family tree to draw up, yet the room of Famer has actually a rather tarnished reputation because of allegations made in 2004. Murphy was accused of sexually abusing 5 of his daughters, all of whom were born outside of his marriage. The two daughters born in wedlock concerned his defense, and also he was ultimately acquitted of this charges ~ there was no physics evidence.

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In spite of being acquitted, Murphy’s call was damaged, and many currently disapproved that his action in regards to being unfaithful come his wife and also knocking increase women all over the country. Although he is a hall of Famer and also had an impressive career in the NBA, Murphy is now finest known for his fertility.