Country star Trace Adkins is a proud girl dad! His five daughters room all grown increase now, yet he is a doting father in between his show-stopping performances. Trace has two daughters, Tarah and also Sarah, v his very first wife, Barbara Lewis. He welcomed 3 daughters, Mackenzie, Briana and Trinity, through his 3rd wife, Rhonda Forlaw.

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Now happy married come his fourth wife, actress Victoria Pratt, trace is a proud papa city hall his daughters prosper up right prior to his eyes. However, map will be the first to recognize that battling alcohol addiction early in his job led the to take a step back from fatherhood after ~ the birth of his very first two daughters.

“I feel so guilty around that and also they understand that and also they take full advantage of it. Ns tell them ‘no’ very seldom,” he shared in a 2007 interview with Country Weekly. “But I carry out feel guilty about my older 2 girls not having actually the father the my three small ones have. It’s not just around the drinking and also that sort of stuff, it’s the age thing, too. I was a young man. I didn’t also know that I to be yet. Ns was simply still fumbling and also feeling my way in the dark, with this life, do the efforts to number out who I was and what ns was doing.”


“I’m looking forward to gift 80 years old and walking the end on the phase of the grand Ole Opry,” Trace said in an respectable 2021 interview with Music Row. “I’m going come go the end there, dance to ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,’ and also embarrass mine grandchildren.”

Trace is known for his raspy voice and also energetic on-stage persona that he embraces whenever he performs. But, that admitted in a 2017 interview with Taste of Country that over there is one hilarious lesson that he is trying come teach all of his grandkids: “To be quiet. I try to teach castle to be quiet, which obviously nobody else is trying to do.”


Scroll under to satisfy Trace’s five daughters.

Tarah Adkins Webber

Tarah Adkins Webber is the eldest daughter that Trace and also Julie, born in 1983. Tarah shares three youngsters with she husband, David Webber. The pair were married on July 1, 2007, and also she has a close partnership with she younger sister Sarah. Tarah is constantly sharing photos and also videos of her dad ~ above Facebook, supporting every little thing he does.

Sarah Beth Adkins

Sarah Beth Adkins is the youngest daughter the Trace and Julie, born in 1985. Buy it is a proud mom and also is constantly sharing picture of her family on Facebook. In September 2021, she revealed in a post that she taped background vocals ~ above Trace’s song, “So carry out The Neighbors.” That very same month, she stopped by Trace and Blake’s concert and also posed for pictures backstage. She mutual a story about how she father forgot it was she birthday.

“I told Blake it would of to be nice if he would of sang happy birthday to me tonight. He claimed ‘Trace friend didn’t know it was her daughter’s birthday’ to which daddy stated ‘yeah her birthday is Monday. However I no know how old she is going come be’ which make Blake laugh quite hard,” sarah shared. “I’m just one of 5 … it’s just a number this days daddy.”


Courtesy that Trinity Atkins/Instagram

Mackenzie Lynn Adkins

Mackenzie Lynn Adkins is the eldest daughter the Trace and Rhonda, born in 1998. Mackenzie at this time lives in Nashville, Tennessee. In October 2020, Trace mutual a rarely Instagram picture of Mackenzie to celebrate she graduating indigenous the University of Tennessee.

“Congratulations to my beautiful daughter,
mackenzielynnadkins! She newly graduated indigenous the university Of Tennessee. I’m so proud the you!” he captioned the post.

In 2011, Mackenzie and her younger sister escaped a house fire after it started in the garage. The girls supplied what they to be taught during lessons at school to acquire out safely in addition to their dogs.

Briana Rhea Adkins

Briana Rhea Adkins is the 2nd youngest daughter that Trace and also Rhonda, born in 2001. She made a cameo in Trace’s music video clip for “Ladies Love nation Boys” in 2009. After enduring the housefire v her sisters, Briana was awarded the PETA Compassionate activity Award for helping save the family’s pets.

Briana is now a version signed to AMAX in Nashville. She post gorgeous modeling shots end on she Instagram account. Briana got a one-of-a-kind shoutout from her father on Twitter in 2019. Trace wrote that he “couldn’t be much more proud” of she for her big accomplishment.

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Trinity Lee Adkins

Trinity Lee Adkins is the youngest daughter the Trace and also Rhonda, born in 2004. She appeared in his “Just Fishin” music video in 2011. Transparent his career, trace has drawn inspiration indigenous his daughters once it concerns recording music. His track “Then castle Do” is around watching his youngsters grow up and also seeing them all gain married in the future.