While filming the 2018 blockbuster ‘Siberia’ the Hollywood star payment a surprised visit to St. Petersburg and even review some Russian classics.

At the period of 54, Keanu Reeves is just one of the most mysterious Hollywood celebrities - he frequently surprises fans anywhere the civilization by publishing poems, using public deliver and, the course, selecting unexpected roles.

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In late September Keanu’s Russian fans ultimately had an opportunity to view his recent romantic thriller set in Russia - Siberia. He plays American diamond trader Lucas Hill that finds self in a tricky case when he falls for local cafe owner Katya and becomes increasingly entrenched in both the love affair and his dubious dealings.

While the movie was greatly shot in Canada (because it’s cheaper), the filmmakers did concerned Russia for a couple of a mainly in the feather of 2017 for part exterior shots, and also Keanu’s sudden appearances on the streets of St. Petersburg for sure rocked social media.


In one interview with Russian media, the actor claimed that Siberia was favored as the setting for the film since it’s “one the the most enigmatic and mysterious places on Earth.” Plus, a significant part of the dialogue in the movie is in Russian therefore he also read Hamlet in Russian and expanded his vocabulary.

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Now the filming has been wrapped up, Keanu has revealed that role helped him to his boost his language skills, yet his Russian joint is still a work-related in progress. “Now ns only shot to capture the pronunciation. It sound beautiful, musical and has plenty of intonations and semantic tones,” he stated in September, adding that he reads little Russian classical stories and plays. “I haven’t mastered Tolstoy yet.”


He also admitted that the usage of Russian was actually one of the many enjoyable aspects of the film. "I think it allows you into the culture. You deserve to hear your songs, their voices. . . . It"s no a political film and also when we took on the task the zeitgeist wasn"t fairly what the is today. I think that played more into the family members aspect, the oligarch aspect, the criminal underworld," he said.

Although the film is about the criminal underworld, it’s first and foremost about Russia, Keanu argues. “I associate Russia mostly with ethical strength. Because that you it’s the norm,” the told the Russian press. “Yet Russians are not that hard in actual life as contrasted to how they space usually portrayed . Because that instance, when we were shooting ~ above the highways of St. Petersburg, human being were really shy come ask for an autograph, trying no to bother me a lot. This was very nice the them.”

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