While filming the 2018 blockbuster ‘Siberia’ the Hollyhardwood star paid a surpincrease visit to St. Petersburg and also check out some Russian classics.

At the age of 54, Keanu Reeves is among the the majority of mysterious Hollyhardwood celebrities - he regularly surprises fans everywhere the world by publishing poems, utilizing public transfer and also, of course, choosing unmeant duties.

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In late September Keanu’s Russian fans lastly had actually an possibility to watch his recent romantic thriller collection in Russia - Siberia. He plays Amerihave the right to diamond trader Lucas Hill that finds himself in a tricky case as soon as he falls for local cafe owner Katya and also becomes increasingly entrenched in both the love affair and also his dubious dealings.

While the movie was mainly swarm in Canada (bereason it’s cheaper), the filmmachines did come to Russia for a couple of a week in the spring of 2017 for some exterior shots, and Keanu’s sudden appearances on the roads of St. Petersburg inevitably rocked social media.


In an intercheck out with Russian media, the actor sassist that Siberia was favored as the establishing for the film bereason it’s “among the most enigmatic and mysterious areas on Earth.” Plus, a far-reaching component of the dialogue in the movie is in Russian so he even check out Hamlet in Russian and also expanded his vocabulary.

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Now that filming has actually been wrapped up, Keanu has actually revealed that function assisted him to his improve his language skills, yet his Russian pronunciation is still a occupational in progression. “Now I just try to capture the pronunciation. It sounds beautiful, musical and also has many type of intonations and also semantic tones,” he shelp in September, including that he reads small Russian timeless stories and also plays. “I haven’t mastered Tolstoy yet.”


He additionally admitted that the use of Russian was actually one of the the majority of enjoyable facets of the film. "I think it allows you right into the society. You have the right to hear their songs, their voices. . . . It"s not a political film and once we undertook the job the zeitgeist wasn"t fairly what it is this day. I think it played more into the family members aspect, the oligarch element, the criminal undercivilization," he sassist.

Although the film is around the criminal underhuman being, it’s first and also forea lot of about Russia, Keanu says. “I associate Russia largely through ethical toughness. For you it’s the norm,” he told the Russian push. “Yet Russians are not that difficult in real life as compared to exactly how they are generally portrayed . For circumstances, when we were shooting on the highways of St. Petersburg, civilization were exceptionally shy to ask for an autograph, trying not to bvarious other me a lot. This was exceptionally nice of them.”

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