With she three adolescents inching closer towards adulthood, Julia Roberts has babies ~ above the brain – specifically now the her “one that gained away” has actually a newborn in his arms.

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New Idea can reveal the Julia has actually reconnected through her constant leading guy Richard Gere, who freshly wellifwynnfoundation.orged a baby boy with his mam Alejandra Silva, 37. The pair currently share an “intense bond” over parenthood.


Julia Roberts (left) and Richard Gere (right) have remained lifelong friends.

“Alejandra has actually two kids under 2 now, and she leans heavily on Richard,” claims a source. “He subsequently is leaning ~ above Julia because that advice and has even argued she must be the youngest boy’s godmother.

She to be thrilled to accept.

“Julia’s found herself in ~ a loosened end because there’s no a the majority of work in Hollywood appropriate now, so she happy to be on speak to as a assistance to Richard – though i bet every of their far-ranging others aren’t conscious of exactly how tight they are best now.”

Julia, 52, and Richard, 71, have constantly shared “amazing chemistry” to the suggest where it’s rumoured castle dated as soon as the cameras weren’t rolling ~ above Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride.


Julia, 52, and also Richard, 71, have always shared “amazing chemistry”.

As a result, Julia’s hubby, Danny Moder, 51, “has always kept one eye on their friendship”, states our insider.

“And Alejandra likes Julia however she would certainly be as well busy through her infant boys to store tabs ~ above how plenty of times a work Richard speak to her. Julia gift godmum to her kid will ultimately send up some red flags though!”

Our source says Julia’s too busy walk gaga for the babies in she life to an alert any issues over sex-related tension v her old flame. She niece, Emma Roberts, 29, is expecting a baby boy v her partner,

Garrett Hedlund, and also Julia is going stunner buying baby garments for her new great-nephew.


Julia is set to be a an excellent aunty to niece Emma"s tiny one on the way.

According to a different insider, Danny – who shares twins Hazel and also Phinnaeus, 15, and son Henry 13, with Julia – is make the efforts to make light that his wife’s cluckiness.

“Julia has mentioned wanting ‘just one more’, i beg your pardon Danny assumed was a joke,” claims the source.

“That is, till she began dropping words prefer ‘surrogacy’ and also ‘adoption agency’.

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When Julia has actually an idea in her mind she normally gets what she wants, so he is buckling self in for what might be a bumpy ride if she has actually an child nephew, a tiny godson and also their own baby on the way!”

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