Hmmm. This isn"t going to be simple answerbecause two things have the right to vary a lot:1. Thestructure the the bone2. The direction of theforceBones are consisted of mostly the proteinand minerals (calcium and others). Once we"reborn, there"s very tiny mineral. Our bones aresoft, functional cartilage. These bones don"t breakvery easily since they bending so well. Lock don"tallow girlfriend to it is in very strong though, due to the fact that theforce of your muscles just causes bone bendinginstead of moving whatever you"re trying come move. (To check out what mineral-free bones are like, placed awishbone in vinegar for a while.) So come getstrong, we need more rigid bones. The rigidityalso provides bones less complicated to break. If we use ourmuscles, our bones obtain stronger too. They arealways being broken down and built up a small ata time. As we acquire older, we shed bone mass,particularly if we don"t get sufficient calcium or wesmoke or drink. This renders bones yes, really brittlebecause we absence both functional cartilage and sturdybone. Men likewise have denser skeletal than women ofthe same size.The direction the the forcemakes a distinction too. Uncover a bone snapshot ormodel and look at the long bones the the eight andlegs. Notification that they"re not straight? thebends and also shapes make bones better able to takethe tension that they normally are subjected to. They space often an extremely resistant to pressure in onedirection, however vulnerable to it inanother.Want to see how the damage for agiven pressure varies through the direction? obtain smallwooden dowels the the exact same dimension and also subjectthem come the same force applied in various ways(for example, drop the same weight ~ above the end ofone dowel and also the center of another). Use eyeprotection and also other safety measures.Wantto see pictures of a fracture, a weird kind ofsplint, and also healing bone? go to: perform NOTgot to this site if you"re conveniently grossed out!

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Materials are often characterized by the ultimatestrength i m sorry is the stress and anxiety or push requiredto cause fracture or breakage.This stress deserve to becaused through compression, tension, or shear. Theanswer because that the strength of bone have the right to probably befound in any physics textbook (it"s a prettypopular subject). One number I uncovered for tensilestrength is 130 X 10^6 newtons per square meter. This can be in unfamiliar devices though. What isthis value in regards to psi or atmospheres?

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That relies on the bone.

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The is very easy tofracture a little bone, particularly if the pressureis applied throughout the weakest point. I"m no sureexactly how much press is needed, however I cantell you that as tiny as 25 pounds that pressureapplied to among your little bones will reason afracture.