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Large - at 7 inches high it have the right to contain up to 26.5 ounces so you don"t need to keep gaining up.Durable - made of quality difficult glass the doesn"t break easily.Great deal - This is the lowest price not just on yet anywhere ~ above the internet.Healthy - gain your recommended intake of a gallon the water a day through this large mugLife an altering - If girlfriend are among those world that is continually thirsty, this mug will certainly forever adjust your life.


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5.0 out of 5 stars A BEER MUG I would SWEAR to be MADE just FOR ME! HEY yet JUAT probably YOU WILL prefer IT TOO!

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i go to this specialty beer bar and fell in love v the vast thick mugs they have actually so of course I involved automatically to check out if they have such beer mugs. Now has actually lots the beer mugs top top offer however they all have actually some horribly busy design in the glass. Flutes and dimples and also other suxh stupid things. Ok not stupid come everyone simply not the utter simplistcity an AUTIWSTIC WEREWOLF prefer me stop dear.I don"t choose things that room too busy because they overlaod mine sensory systems. I want my beer mugs to it is in painfully there is no detail and also orniment I wanted a been mug that was heavy with special glass walls. I wanted a simple handle so mine cerebral palsy would certainly not need to contort come a an intricate handle risking accidents. This Beer Mug (Single) big - 7 inches high Beer Mug to be perfect for me. At the moment of my purchase the seller had only 4 left and I lugged thhem all. 4 is a collection so wow I acquired a steal the perfect beer mug in ~ the perfect price. Together I stated has countless beer mugs on offer by plenty of sellers but none were this an easy and customized to my needs.