NBA Playoffs: Triple Overtime Games

The Oklahoma City Thunder and also Memphis Grizzlies played what may be the best game the the 2011 NBA Playoffs come this point on Monday Night. Game 4 in the ideal of seven Western Conference semi finals collection began top top Monday night and finished early Tuesday morning in the east Time zone.

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Most civilization in the eastern had unable to do to bed Monday night, waking Tuesday morning seeing the highlights indigenous Memphis.This is not the first triple overtime video game in the background of the NBA Playoffs; it has actually happened five times before. Below is a watch at every of the triple overtime games to take place in the NBA Playoffs.

1953 eastern Semi Finals video game 2: Boston Celtics 111 Syracuse Nationals 105 - 4 OT

This to be not just the an initial NBA playoff video game to get in three overtimes, yet the just one to get in four overtimes. The is quiet the playoff document for overtimes in a game.Back in those job the collection between Boston and Syracuse was a ideal of 3 games. The Celtics had actually won game one and looked to advancement to the east Conference finals. The Celtics were led by hall of Famer Bob Cousy. It to be a name making game for Cousy, that scored 50 points, an NBA playoff record 30 points comes from the complimentary throw line.The win provided Boston its an initial NBA playoff series victory.


1976 NBA Finals video game 5: Phoenix Suns 126 Boston Celtics 128 - 3 OT

The following triple overtime video game featured a familiar team, the Boston Celtics. This time though, it to be on the greatest stage in the NBA: The Finals. Countless called this the "Greatest Game ever Played."The Celtics jumped the end to a 36-18 command after the first quarter. The Suns chipped away and also got the lead under to five going right into the final quarter. The lead to be still at 5 with a minute come go once the Suns, behind previous Celtic Paul Westphal, were able to tie the game.After the first overtime ended still tied, the second overtime finished in drama. John Havlicek offered Boston a one point lead, the lead was pushed to two points complying with a totally free throw ~ a technical foul. Then came the highlight you have actually seen on tv before. V two secs left, Phoenix inbounded the ball to Garfield Heard and he hit a game tying basket to prolong the video game to a 3rd overtime.Boston would success the video game in the final overtime and also win the NBA Championship in video game 6.

1993 NBA Finals video game 3: Phoenix Suns 129 Chicago Bulls 121 - 3 OT

Once again the next playoff game to go into triple overtime featured an additional familiar team, the Phoenix Suns. This time the Suns came in with the best record in the NBA at 62-20 and the NBA MVP in Charles Barkley. The Bulls were the 2 time defending champions and had possibly the best player ever, Michael Jordan.This to be a earlier and forth video game the whole night. The game was tied ~ the an initial quarter and also Phoenix hosted a one point lead in ~ halftime. They retained that lead going right into the fourth quarter, however could not victory in regulation. The video game was tied at 103 going into the very first overtime. Both teams might not find their groove in the an initial overtime together a full of only eight points were scored. The second overtime to be not any type of better, together each team only scored 7 points.In the last overtime Phoenix finally pulled away, outscoring Chicago 15-7 to victory 129-121. Michael Jordan led every players in scoring with 44, but he shot 19-43 to get them. Barkley had actually 24 points and 19 rebounds because that Phoenix, however Dan Majerle command them with 28. Phoenix Kevin Johnson score 25 and collection and NBA Finals record, playing 62 minutes.

2004 eastern Semi Finals game 5: new Jersey Nets 127 Detroit Pistons 120 - 3 OT

New Jersey was the two time defending eastern Conference champions. Detroit was at the begin of a successful 6 year operation that included making the east Finals six straight years, 2 NBA Finals appearances, and also one NBA title. Beginning game five the collection was bound 2-2. Detroit winner the very first two at residence and brand-new Jersey adhered to suit.Detroit organized a one point lead at halftime, yet found themselves down three with only seconds to play. Detroit inbound the ball to Chauncey Billups who had no pressure dribbling the sphere up to half court. After acquisition a step right into the former court, Billups threw up a shot that banked in at the buzzer come send the video game into overtime.

The first two overtimes went earlier and forth with neither team being able to traction away. It wasn"t till the 3rd overtime that brand-new Jersey was able to pull away because that the win. The Nets had six players in dual figures led by Richard Jefferson through 31. The Piston had actually seven football player in double figures, led by Billups through 31.This game collection a NBA record with four players on each team fouling out.

2009 East very first Round game 6: Boston Celtics 127 Chicago Bulls 128 - 3 OT

The enhance up between the Bulls and Celtics may be the best ever for a very first round series. The collection went the complete seven games and also there were 7 overtimes play in the series overall. Game one went to overtime. Game four went into double overtime. Video game five went into overtime. Video game six entered triple overtime.Entering video game six, Boston led the collection 3-2 and also could close the end the series in Chicago. The Bulls built an 11 allude lead ~ the very first quarter, but Boston came back and was just down two points at halftime. The Bulls thrust the lead earlier out to 7 to end the 3rd quarter, yet Boston was not done. The Celtics outscored the Bulls come tie the game and also force the very first overtime.The first two soldier were even, the to mark being ray Allen who forced the third overtime v a jumper from the corner to traction the Celtics within one. Then adhering to two cost-free throws from Chicago, Allen made a three with 7.6 to tie the game. The Bulls pulled away after Joakim Noah"s steal and also three suggest play. Boston"s Rajon Rondo had actually a possibility to success the video game at the end, however was clogged by Chicago"s Derrick Rose.Allen led every scorers v 51 points and also made nine three suggest shots. John Salmons score 35 to pace Chicago.


Charles Barkley of the Houston Rockets during a national Basketball combination game versus the Los Angeles Clippers in ~ the Staples center in Los Angeles, CA.

2011 western Semi Finals game 4: Oklahoma City Thunder 133 Memphis Grizzlies 123 - 3 OT

The triple overtime game in between the Thunder and the Grizzlies had everything you need. Residence team jumps the end to large lead. Check. The Grizzlies held a 38-16 command after the opening quarter. Memphis held Oklahoma City to simply six ar goals in the first quarter. A comeback through the roadway team? Check. The Thunder outscored the Grizzlies 33-25 in the second quarter. Castle shot 40% indigenous the field. Oklahoma City shoot 5 more complimentary throws and also made one much more three to aid cut the command at halftime. Through the end of the 3rd quarter, it to be a one point game.In the 4th quarter, the Thunder had taken control of the game. They were up 10 points with just over five minutes to play. Climate the Grizzlies made your come ago lead by Mike Conley. He score 12 clues in the fourth and also it to be his three guideline with three seconds left the tied the game.The Thunder appeared to have the game in hand in the very first overtime. They to be up three with 16 secs left. The Grizzles had actually the ball and Greivis Vasquez make a challenging three point shot through Russell Westbrook in his confront to force twin overtime. In the second overtime it to be Westbrook"s revolve to hit the large shot. ~ a Marc Gasol pointer in to placed the Grizzlies up 119-117, Westbrook acquired the ball. He pulled up top top the appropriate side and also nailed a jumper come tie the game. Each team had actually a opportunity to success it, however failed to convert and also it was on come the 3rd overtime.In the last overtime, the NBA"s top scorer, Kevin Durant put the game away. He scored six of Oklahoma City"s 14 points consisting of a jumper v 19 seconds left come seal the video game for the Thunder. Durant scored 35 points and also Westbrook included 40 to command Oklahoma City.Memphis was led through Zach Randolp"s 34 points and also 16 rebounds, while Marc Gasol included 26 points and also 21 rebounds. It was a shame that plenty of viewers missed the end of the game. Reminder off was scheduled for 9:30 afternoon in the east, but it was closer to 10 pm as coverage stayed with the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics game that likewise went right into overtime. The Thunder-Grizzlies video game did not end until virtually 2 am in the east.Dennis additionally wrote the All-time history of #8 seed beating #1 seeds in NBA history.

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