The iphone phone SE’s key camera deserve to shoot 4K video at 30 frames-per-second (FPS) at best, if its default setups are HD at 30 FPS.

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Capturing a 1-minute video clip in4K at 30 FPStakes350MBof storage on the iphone phone SE.Capturing a 1-minute video inHD at 60 FPStakes175MBof storage on the iphone SE.Capturing a 1-minute video clip inHD in ~ 30 FPStakes130MBof warehouse on the iphone phone SE.
Assuming the you’re filming through the default settings, you have the right to comfortably movie videos amounting come 6 hours and also 25 minutes before the 64GB iphone phone SE filling up.


Photos indigenous the main camera in the default 4:3 aspect ratio take it up around 3,3MB on median in ours usage, when selfies v the prior camera are normally about 2MB. Back photos have the right to vary in document size, we have the right to reasonably suppose that on the iphone phone SE 64GB you have the right to take as much as 14,900 photos before running the end of storage.

Should you pick to keep any type of Apple Music tracks because that offline use, each will take about 9.2MB of storage space. That way you can comfortably to the right at least 6900 songs in 64GB of storage.

So, which iphone SE model should i get: 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB?

The iphone phone SE 64GBwill come with around 49,6GB of totally free storage, which need to be great for many people, together it’s sufficient for taking at least 14,900 photos or holding countless songs. Additionally, many of the mainstream mobile games can comfortable fit in 49,6GB. So long as friend restrict you yourself from filming many videos in 4K resolution, and are all set to occasionally go through the iphone phone Storage menu and also delete what’s no longer needed, 64GB is a great enough option.

The iphone SE 128GBis the perfect middle ground. The 128GB iphone SE would actually come with around 117GB of totally free storage, i m sorry is sufficient for taking around 35,400 photos. This is the best storage alternative for those that feel prefer 64GB would certainly be constricting, or setup on utilizing this phone for numerous years come come.

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The iphone phone SE 256GBis clear the finest option, yet unnecessary for most users, and also arguably no worth the extra $100 because that anyone but power individuals who are all about storing every little thing on-device. V this iphone SE variant we get around 245GB of cost-free storage out the box, which can hold approximately 74,000 picture or about 700 minutes of 4K video clip recordings. Us recommend this option just if you plan on keeping this iPhone for as long as possible, and need come have all of your music, movies, photos and games straight on it, together opposed to relying ~ above cloud or streaming services.

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