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Lay's has actually come a long method since the 1930s. TY Lim/Shutterstock

After gaining a potato-chip agency in 1932, founder Herman W. Lay an initial sold his chips in Nashville, Tennessee.

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In the beforehand 1930s, when he was still working as a traveling salesman, lay would offer the snack the end of the earlier of his auto on the road.


The Frito-Lay brand has chips prefer Cheetos, Doritos, and also Fritos. Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Around the exact same time Lay began his chip company, C.E. Doolin acquired a corn-chip brand the would become Fritos. After competing for nearly 30 years, Lay"s and also Fritos linked to type Frito-Lay in 1961.

Four years later, the firm merged again with Pepsi-Cola to develop PepsiCo.

brand-new York Reuben is representative of the East coastline state. Hollis Johnson

During a project called "Tastes of America," Lay"s exit eight flavors based upon popular region-specific foodstuffs — like brand-new England lobster roll in the Northeast and also Cajun freckles in the South.


Lay's flavors room different about the world. Seika Chujo/Shutterstock

Depending on where you are in the world, Lay"s spices will adjust to reflect well-known foods and also tastes in different countries.

In India, friend can uncover flavors prefer Magic Masala. In Thailand, chips come in flavors favor basil chicken and also crab curry.

Cappuccino is one of the more unique flavors. service

Lay"s continuous mixes up your flavor lineup through over 200 varieties produced to date.

The chips range from common flavors, choose salt and vinegar and also barbecue, to more unusual ones, favor cappuccino, vegetables soup, and Beer "n Brats.

A lot goes right into the do of a bag of potato chips. Marahwan/Shutterstock

As of 2018, Frito-Lay buys its potatoes from 120 farms across 25 different states, Enjoli Francisand Eric Noll reported forABC News.

Some of these states include Wisconsin, Maine, phibìc Dakota, and also Texas.

southerly biscuits and also gravy was a dispute winner. Hollis Johnson

Lay"s has actually held several contests over the year to discover the next great chip flavor, offering a $1 million prize to everyone submits the best new recipe.

Some of the seasonings to come out of the contest include wasabi ginger, cheesy garlic bread, and also Southern biscuits and also gravy.

cook Jody Denton is the mastermind behind a lot of the Lay's flavors. Brandon Wade/Invision for Frito-Lay/AP images

Jody Denton, the executive study chef for Frito-Lay, has owned and also worked at a range of restaurants over the years consisting of a Mediterranean bistro, one Asian-fusion restaurant, and Californian oyster bar.

Lay's has continued to introduce brand-new TV heralding campaigns. Lay"s/YouTube

According come the agency Facebook page, in 1944, Lay"s became one the the first-ever snack-food brand to advertise its products on TV.

Bert Lahr, who played the movie character, appeared in multiple TV commercials. vcrcooking/YouTube

Bert Lahr, ideal known because that his duty as the Cowardly Lion in "The wizard of Oz" (1939), to be Lay"s very first celebrity spokesperson.

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He showed up in a variety of Lay"s advertisements and also commercials throughout the 1960s in the renowned "Betcha can"t eat just one" campaign.

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