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Learn the tricks to make perfect homemade mashed potatoes with this recipe for mashed potatoes. They are creamy, fluffy, buttery--everything you want in mashed potatoes!

Let me share through you 5 advice that will teach you exactly how to make the best homemade mashed potatoes. They space the perfect side dish because that Roast Turkey, Meatloaf, Chicken Marsala, new York strip Roast, or immediate Pot honey Baked Ham.

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Potatoes: select a starchy potato, prefer Russet or Yukon Gold. This is not the time to usage red potatoes.Butter: usage unsalted butter to manage the sodium content. You have the right to use a dairy-free butter replacement, yet the flavor will not be together rich.Milk: Use any kind of fat percent of milk you like, you can even opt to use cream or half and half. Store in mind that the higher the fat content of your milk or cream, the richer, more luxurious your mashed potatoes will be.Sour Cream: sour cream might sound favor an weird addition, but the tanginess that the cake cream finishes off these potato perfectly. It also helps to save them light and fluffy. Reduced-fat tart cream is fine to use, but do not usage fat-free tart cream together the flavor is no as good.

5 tricks to Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Secret #1: chef Potatoes Evenly

The first step to achieving really good mashed potatoes is going to sound obvious. BUT, it is one that is conveniently overlooked--especially when in a hurry!

It is really crucial to dice your potatoes right into equal size chunks and to start the cooking procedure with cold water. This will certainly ensure that the potato all chef evenly and also will it is in fork tender at the exact same time.

If you have actually randomly sized piece of potatoes, the smaller sized potatoes will become water-logged and mushy in the time it bring away the larger potatoes to chef through.


Secret #2: Get rid of excess Moisture

After your potatoes have cooked through, you need to drain off the cooking liquid.

But draining off the water is not enough!

Instead, ar the drained potatoes earlier into the hot pan and cook end low heat for 1-2 minutes, or until every one of the water has evaporated. This will certainly let potato flavor really shine through and also you won"t be left v watered-down mashed potatoes.


Secret #3: carry out Not usage a Mixer

If you want to stop gummy and also tough mashed potatoes, skip mashing her potatoes v a handheld or was standing mixer. This overworks the starch in the potatoes, transforming them into a gummy mess.

Instead, usage a ricer, food mill, or handheld potato masher come mash increase the potatoes into a smooth consistency. Trust me, this extra action is well worth the outcome!


Secret #4: include Warm Liquid

Once her potatoes have actually been mashed, you want to line in the cream and also butter. But you do not want to add in cold butter or cold milk. This can reason the potatoes to seize increase a bit.

Instead, gently warm up your milk and butter ~ above the range or in the microwave and also then include to the potatoes. By including in warm milk and melted butter, the potatoes absorb the delicious flavor while staying light and fluffy.

Secret #5: include Flavor

At this point, your mashed potatoes room great. But if you want memorable mashed potatoes, currently is the moment to include in some flavor.

I always end up mashed potatoes with a generous scoop of sour cream. The cake cream to add creaminess, richness, and a bit of flavor that makes these mashed potato incredible.

You have the right to also add in freshly grated Parmesan, fresh herbs, or roasted garlic for added flavor.

FAQs about Mashed Potatoes

Which potatoes are best for mashed potatoes?

For creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes, you want to select a starchy potato-like Russet or Yukon Gold. And also peel the potatoes for the creamiest mashed potato recipe. Red and also white potato arrays are waxier and also therefore best used for smashed or roasted potatoes.

How lot Mashed Potatoes should you make?

As a next dish, friend should arrangement on ½ lb of potatoes per person. That method if you are planning top top 10 people, use 5 pounds of potatoes. 4 people, usage 2 pounds the potatoes.

Can you freeze Mashed Potatoes?

YES! all set Mashed Potatoes can be frozen for as much as 2 months.

To frozen leftover mashed potatoes, permit them come cool and also then ar in a freezer-safe bag. Freeze for as much as 2 months.

To reheat frozen mashed potatoes, location frozen mashed potato in a casserole dish. Cover with foil and also bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Remove foil, stir, and add in 1-2 tablespoons of extr milk. Covering again with foil and continue to bake for 10-15 minutes, or till warmed through.

How to store Mashed potato Warm?

To store your potatoes warm until serving, simply set the bowl of ready mashed potatoes end a pot the simmering water--sort of prefer a double boiler. Sheathe the height of the bowl v plastic wrap and give the potatoes a row every couple of minutes to save the warm evenly distributed. You have the right to hold your potatoes warmth like this for up to 1 hour.

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Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

Have friend ever discovered yourself with method too countless potatoes? If so, use them to do Pierogi Lasagna or Thanksgiving Egg Rolls.

Serve Mashed potatoes With

I hope you reap this recipe because that the finest Homemade Mashed Potatoes. You re welcome be certain to leave a comment and also rating below.