Believe the or not, the variety of beers in a keg depend on the dimension of the keg that you purchase! Amazing, right? take it a look in ~ our reference chart to view how many beers space in your details keg.

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There are rather a couple of different size of kegs top top the market. Listed below are a list of the keg dimensions, together with how plenty of ounces fit into each keg, and how many 12oz. Beers that converts to. Additionally keep in mind the there room different type of kegs closed style / sanke kegs and cornelieus/corny kegs the are frequently used through homebrewers.

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Commercial Kegs:

Half Barrel Keg (1/2 BBL) = 15.5 Gallons / 1,984 oz. / 129.4 lbs. / 165 - 12 oz. Beers

Quarter Barrel Keg (1/4 BBL) = 7.75 Gallons / 992 oz. / 64.7 lbs. / 82 - 12 oz. Beers

Sixth Barrel Keg (1/6 BBL) = 5.16 Gallons / 672 oz. / 43.1 lbs. / 56 - 12 oz. Beers

Homebrew Kegs:

5 Gallon Corny Keg:

Corny and also Sanke Keg Size recommendation ChartCornelius KegSixth Barrel KegQuarter Barrel KegSlim 4 minutes 1 KegHalf Barrel KegGallonsOuncesLitersHeightWidthBottles / cans (12oz)Pints (16 oz)AKA
Corny Keg? Barrel,SixtelsPony Keg,Stubby QuarterTall QuarterFull dimension Keg,Full Keg

Want to serve draft beer at home?

Check out several of our homebrew keg kits or ours commercial kegerator switch kits. Or if converting a fridge isn't your thing, simply pickup a kegerator!

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