The Lunisolar Hindu calendar explains six different species of periods in India transparent the year i.e. Spring: Vasant Ritu, Summer: Grishma Ritu, Monsoon: Varsha Ritu, Autumn: Sharad Ritu, Pre-Winter: Hemant Ritu, Winter: Shishir Ritu.

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The seasons in various parts the India vary withaltitude, latitude, and distancefrom the sea level; every season has its pattern of weather and has varying hrs of sunlight during the days.

Since the Vedic period, peoples throughout India and also South Asia have been using this Lunisolar Hindu calendar to structure their lives.

These ancient Indian calendar are supplied in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and also Sri Lanka; some faithful persons still think in this calendar, because that all-important Hindu festivals and religious occasions, every season is composed of 2 months and also six seasons.

Read this article completely for an ext detailed information about the cycle of seasons in India.


Different types of seasons in India with Months:

Spring Season in India (Vasanta Ritu):

Winter Season Introduction:

The winter season in India is the coolest season that the year, commonly lasts between the month of January and also February.

The winter name originates from an old germanic word that means the time that water and also refers come the rain and also snow of winter in middle and also high latitudes.

Winter is the season after ~ pre-winter and also before the springseason and also the median temperature in fall is 23 °C.

The arrival of Winter Season:

In this season, the weather is impacted by waiting pressure.

The centre of high pressure develops in the northern an ar of the Himalayas and also from right here the winds begin flowing towards the Indian subcontinent.

This wind reaches together the dry continental wind system.

At this time, the temperature in the levels of north India will 18 ° C, yet due come the wind relocating in the southern direction, the temperature increases because of the sea proximity and tropical condition.

The temperature that the levels of northern India goes as much as 10 ° C.

At night, its temperature drops listed below 0° C. This cold winter season is usually referred to as cold wave.

Importance that winter season:

In this, Kharif plants are prepared by ripening in the farms.

Rabi crops, wheat gram and also pulses plants are great in the areas as quickly as the Kharif plants grow., it is really beneficial because that rabi crops.

Various fruits, flowers and also vegetables are accessible in variety in this periods in India.

Coriander and also green vegetables together with the rabi plants in the areas increase the taste that people’s tongues.

Crops prefer carrot, radish, tomato, peanuts, peas, cabbage taste your own distinct taste, this season is also really beneficial because that health.

It is stated to rise immunity come fight disease; since fresh vegetables and also fruits comprise vitamins do the body strong.

In this season we reap festivals prefer Deepawali, Christmas, Eid, etc. All individuals are seen putting colourful woollen clothes, sweaters, woollen shawls, coats, mufflers, etc.

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Enjoys lukewarm incense with hot tea, various species of sports are organized in this season. Competitions choose cricket, hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho, football, athletics etc. Rise the delight of cold.


This season its own special significance. In this form, the winter season is really beautiful and useful in nature.