This cake portion guide is exactly what you need if you’re make a cake for an occasion or a wedding. If the cake flavor and also decoration space important materials of a cake, one of the most basic aspects the a cake is its size!

When do a cake from scrape for critical event, it’s an essential that it has the right number of servings.

You want make certain every guest it s okay a slice. That’s where this cake portion guide comes right into play.

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What Is thought about A offer Of Cake??

Throughout this short article I refer to a offer of cake.

Generally, I typical a part of cake that is 4 customs tall, 1 inch wide, and also 2 inches in length. This is the standard dimension of a part of wedding cake.

This write-up isn’t just about wedding cakes though. It’s also for cakes come be served at next or events.

Strangely enough, the dimension of a cake serving for a wedding is smaller sized than a party cake serving! Cakes reduced for next are generally 1.5 inches wide.

While this is a tiny difference in size, it’s vital to keep in mind that a part of cake in ~ a party is bigger.

This can affect the variety of servings had below. To it is in consistent, I’m going come be referring to wedding cake sections throughout this post.

Impact the Cake elevation On number of Servings

The standard size of a cake part is absolutely the golden standard.

However, mine vanilla cake recipe makes a 7 customs layer cake that is means taller than 4 inches. In general, tall layer cakes have actually increased in popularity and also are quite typical nowadays.

This can make cutting and also serving a cake a lot more challenging. The height of a cake deserve to be affected by a most factors.

It’s based upon the variety of cake layers used, the height of the cake layers, and the quantity of buttercream between each layer.


If i make a cake taller than 7 inches, I reduced it into thin slices (about 1 customs wide).

Then I reduced each slice in half, horizontally. This method that the end of each slice I make, I create 2 servings.

For high cakes, I double the servings presented below, due to the fact that those are based on a much shorter cake (4 inches).

When do the efforts to identify the ideal size the cake to make based on the numbers below, please describe the far right column.


Standard great Cake Servings

Once you understand the variety of servings friend need, you can start come think around what size of cake you need to make.

If girlfriend don’t plan to do a tiered cake, things are rather a bit easier.


A single-tiered layer cake has actually set number of servings. However, this deserve to vary based on the shape of the cake.

For example, a square 8 customs cake will certainly have an ext servings than a round 8 customs cake.

Round and square cakes are by far the most common shapes. With that in mind, I decided to emphasis on these shapes in the diagram below. It includes the number of portions, based on the cake layer diameter:


If you desire to do a cake the is a different shape, Wilton has a an excellent chart the shares the serving size of a range of shaped cakes.

Tiered Cake Servings

If you must feed a huge number of people, you might need to make a tiered cake. Tiered cakes have actually a lot much more variety and flexibility in their number of servings.

Different size tiers differ in serving size, and you can combine them in a ton of ways.


In the past, I’ve do a tiered cake with 10 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch, and also 4 inch tiers that fed 84 people.

I’ve also made a cake through 12 inch, 9 inch, and 6 inch tiers that fed 100 people.

While we’re top top the topic of various sized tiers, I have a exorbitant cake batter calculator that helps you know exactly how lot batter you need for various sized cake layers and also tiers.

Part of picking the appropriate size of cake comes under to having the right variety of servings, but other components can come right into play. This decision can likewise be affected by the look you’re after.

Some people want a specific number of tiers, or a cake architecture that requires extra space between every tier to include decorations.


For example, periodically I include fresh flower to mine tiered wedding cakes. As soon as doing this, I choose to have actually at the very least a 3-inch variance in the dimension of every tier (i.e. 12 inch, 9 inch, 6 inch).

This create a 1.5 customs ledge between the tiers, which leaves me sufficient room to position and also secure the flower onto the cake.

Cake part Guide – various Sized Tier Combinations

To figure out what size of tiers you have to use for a huge event or wedding, I extremely recommend reviewing a cake section guide, like this! It shares the number of servings of various sized tiered cakes.

This cake part guide also shows combine of different sized tiers, i m sorry is incredibly helpful.


It’ll assist you see what choices you have actually for yet many world you have to feed. This will also aid you recognize what makes the most sense with the cake architecture you arrangement to make.

Keep in mind there are loads of other choices for tiered cakes that aren’t consisted of here, therefore don’t feel restricted by this chart! these are just the most typical sized tiered cakes.

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Let Me recognize What girlfriend Think that This Cake section Guide

If you room making a tiered cake because that the first time, ns hope this cake section guide is helpful. I’d love to hear her thoughts in the comments section below!

Please allow me recognize if you have any kind of questions ns didn’t cover, or if girlfriend have any type of other advice or advice that would be helpful.