For decades, pizza has discovered a way to bring friends, family, and also colleagues together. Bonding end a cheesy slice is one easy method to break bread, build relationships, and also satisfy your hunger.

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Let’s it is in honest, once you think of pizza, girlfriend eyes have the right to sometimes be bigger 보다 your stomach.

While most of united state are know to have actually eaten way more pizza 보다 we have to in a single sitting, it helps to know exactly how lot to order.

Think about the awkward situations you deserve to avoid:

The fight because that the last slice of pizza.The mismatch in between gluten-free and normal crusts.The doomed leftovers wherein you commit yourself to eating pizza because that the next few days.

When it involves the important decision of just how much pizza come order, guesswork is hardly a solution.

We’re below to help. We’ve had comparable experience like yours… and trust me when I say we didn’t prefer it one bit.

That’s why we have devised this pizza calculator that will help you do the right selection and put the pesky guesswork come rest.

Use our Pizza Calculator

Use the calculator listed below to help you determine how many pizzas to order.

What if you are in a instance where friend have got a big crowd to feed? be it 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 or also 50 world (or more) — this calculator will assist you discern exactly how much pizza you should order to feed everyone.

We could have the right answer for this as well.

Read on!

Ordering Pizza For big Groups

You space hosting a housewarming party for your entire extended family and also friends.

Everyone will certainly be there, indigenous wicked aunt Patricia to sweet cousin Sally.

We understand you room scared — how would you control to stimulate pizzas because that the totality lot.

Ordering pizza for larger groups used to be scary — but not anymore.

Noting under a few things can help you make a viable decision, whereby everyone will acquire the exactly amount of slices.

You have actually to consider all kinds of variables to number out just how much pizza to order, such as:

How many people are over there in her group?How numerous of those human being are adults?How numerous of those world are i can not qualify to eat an ext than one slice?How countless of those world are expected to eat multiple slices?What’s the number of slices every pizza?And most importantly, what is everyone pizza preferences?

Let’s put a irradiate upon this points one-by-one:

1. Check the part per pizza ratio (by size)

Pizza size generally varies between:

Small Pizza: 8-10 inches with 6 slices.Medium Pizza: 12 inches through 8 slices.Large Pizza: 14 inch v 10 slices.Extra-large Pizza: 16-18 inch through 12 slices.

However, also this may vary depending upon the pizza store you space ordering from, for this reason it’s constantly a great idea to confirm the number of slices beforehand.

2. The number of people

Ordering pizzas because that a big number of world is a good idea — since pizza is pretty lot universally appealing. The best component is that it is quickly customizable to suit everyone’s needs. The said, knowing exactly how many human being you are going to serve is vital to place an order otherwise you could end increase ordering way more 보다 necessary, or way less than compelled — ns can’t say which is worse.

3. Age

Counting the variety of guests is not really enough. You should take their period into account together well.

For instance, even though her guest list has 40 people, but notification how numerous of them are kids? What if they gain distracted by the party shenanigans and don’t even sit under to have actually a bite?

All the these things will likewise have an result on the variety of pizzas you must order.

4. Appetite

Common pizza appetites include anything between one slice and five slices.

Not everyone has actually the very same appetite.

Say, because that example, the clever aleck in the edge of the room i will not ~ eat an ext than one slice, and also Joe is unlikely to stop before gobbling under at the very least six slices.

Ah, the dilemma!

Therefore, the always great to save the appetite of your guests right into account if placing an order because that pizzas.

5. Preference

Pizza toppings are frequently a significant bone the contention.

Is over there a way to escape the raging discourse top top pizza toppings?

Five world in the room love pineapple on their pizzas.

While the rest of lock think the it is yucky.

However, girlfriend can’t acquire away through making the other five unhappy, right?

That’s why that is necessary to take note of your guests’ preferences before you place an order.

Ordering The ideal Amount that Pizza

Less is more…unless we space talking around pizza.

That said, the still come in handy to know a couple of tips to order the right amount the pizza.

1. Check how numerous slices are had with each size

Although the number of slices every pizza varies between pizza providers, on mean there are:

6 slices per tiny 8-10-inch pizza8 slices per 12-inch pizza (medium)10 slices per 14-inch pizza (large)12 slices per 16-18-inch pizza (extra-large)

2. Acquire guest preferences as soon as possible

I am yet to come across a human being who would say no to eating a pizza.

That said, girlfriend shouldn’t preeminence out the exceptional cases.

For instance, few of your guests might be ~ above a vegetable diet. Or maybe among the guest is allergic to certain foods?

What will you execute in together cases?

That’s why we suggest you gain your guest’s preferences right gradually in order to prepare something else for them. Try taking a general poll and ask them what they would choose or if they have any dietary restrictions.

3. Acquire input native the pizza place

I can’t mention this enough times — no two places have the same terms and conditions. Therefore, it’s constantly a an excellent idea to gain input indigenous the pizza ar beforehand.

Also, to unexpectedly order a full stack of pizza boxes deserve to be a little bit pricey so girlfriend should contact a couple of pizza places before placing the final order so regarding get the best deal possible. Ask for recommendations, making sure to permit them understand that you are looking for reasonable offers.

Common Questions about Ordering The best Amount of Pizza

Below are common questions human being have as soon as deciding what to reminder a pizza delivery driver.

1. How much must I tip as soon as making a huge pizza order?

If you space a pizza aficionado, then the opportunities are you order pizzas native time come time.

While you have mastered the art or bespeak the appropriate amount that pizza, you space still to understand the arts of tipping.

The pizza shipment driver who brings the savory pizza to your doorstep certain deserves a token of appreciation.

If your order concerns a preferably of $20, climate a reminder of $3 is appropriate. If her order come to an ext than $20, climate anything between 10-20% is typical, relying on the service you receive.

2. How should I calculation how countless to order because that different varieties of pizza such together Detroit, or Chicago style?

There are 272 calorie in a standard slice of pizza. If you’re eating Detroit-style or Chicago-style, the number can balloon to end 500 calories per slice.

3. What have to I carry out if over there are civilization who execute not prefer pizza?

You’d think that the question is absurd due to the fact that this is pizzaaaa we room talking around — not just any other food.

Who doesn’t choose it?

Well, contrary to renowned belief, some world actually aren’t as well fond of pizza or are more inclined towards healthy food in general.

In together cases, the is far better to ask your guests beforehand even if it is they have special requirements. Accordingly, either prepare something for them at residence or order something from a vegetables restaurant.

4. Just how Much have to I guideline For large Catering Orders?

Somewhere in between 10-20% is apt for large catering orders. It likewise depends top top the form of delivery organization you receive.

Let’s take the adhering to instances right into account to gain an idea once you need to tip a high amount:

When the pizza distribution driver has traveled v drastic and also inclement weather problems such as snow and also rain, then it is always courteous to reminder a tip greater than top top a normal day.When a larger catering bespeak is placed during busy hours, because that example, during NFL hours.When the service noted by the driver yes, really impresses you

5. Why are shipment fees so expensive?

The shipment charges include a whole lot of things. From costs of hiring cd driver for delivery to paying for things favor gas and insurance, pizza places have to cover a myriad of expenses to carry the food to your doorstep. Therefore, in bespeak to proceed offering a great delivery service, they should cover their costs so as to not go into losses.

6. How do I guideline pizza distribution driver v a credit card?

If girlfriend paid for the pizza through your credit transaction card you can usually include a guideline on the receipt. The receipt is likely to have actually a receipt line together you check out at continuous restaurants. To avail this option, you have to pay with your credit transaction card, otherwise, this choice is out of the question. Pizza distribution drivers seldom bring a card reader at the moment of shipment for girlfriend to salary by swiping your card at your doorstep.

7. Carry out I still have to tip the distribution driver If ns ordered online?

Of course. Us don’t see exactly how ordering online renders a distinction to your tipping etiquette. Regardless of whether of how you order and also make the payment, the distribution is performing his or duty nevertheless of the situation. However, if you space paying online, the driver will certainly share a receipt v you so that you deserve to sign the guideline line.

8. Exactly how much should I guideline on delivery apps favor UberEats, DoorDash, etc.?

Again, no matter just how you stimulate or from whereby you order, tipping prerequisites remain specifically the same. Her tipping etiquette must not count on the communication you room ordering from, but additionally on the high quality of company you receive from the pizza distribution driver. Therefore, the tipping amount remains the same, in between 10-20%, solely depending upon the distribution service.

9. Have to I tip differently if I obtain pizza indigenous a chain restaurant?

No! Why would you think so?

It doesn’t issue if you room ordering indigenous a newfangled pizza ar or native a national chain restaurant, the shipment driver is performing the very same duty one of two people way. You space not tipping come the restaurant, yet to the driver together a token the appreciation.

Therefore, if tipping, nothing however the stylish service and politeness of the pizza shipment driver is paramount.


Everyone is distinct — us all have different tastes in music, food, cars, culture, and also so on and also so forth.

But our shared love because that pizza unites us.

Once in a blue moon, us may even come throughout a smart Aleck lecturing us about the downsides of a greasy pizza and its negative impact on our heart, but try telling the to your brain.

Also, in her excitement to open your pizza box and get down to eating it, don’t forget to pointer your server. A little tip might not do a lot of difference to you, but it would certainly make a hell lot of distinction to the pizza distribution driver.

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So, following time you space eager come order pizza, nothing forget come follow through all the previously mentioned guidelines.