Oakland Raiders have been just one of the most historical franchises in the NFL. They have actually been relocated a complete of three times throughout your history. Transparent the three moves one thing remained the same, their fans stood behind the Raiders and never turn their ago on the team.

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Oakland would certainly win 3 Super Bowls throughout their franchises history. The Raiders have actually not had actually the best success in recent years and yet, the Oakland Raiders pan base has remained loyal.

The Raiders room hoping the head coach john Gruden can turn the franchise around and bring a 4th Super bowl Championship to the Raiders. Currently that the Raiders moved to las Vegas over there is much more spotlight on them much more than ever. Las Vegas Raiders came within two gamings from make the 2021 NFL playoffs.

Raiders have actually not brought a Super bowl Championship to their fans due to the fact that the 1984 NFL supervisor Bowl. Oakland capped turn off their 3rd and final Super bowl in 1984. Through the other two Super key Championships gift in the 1970s it has actually been a long time because the Raiders pan base have tasted playoff success.

Reliving all 3 Super key Championships winner by the Oakland Raiders

Super key XI: Oakland Raiders vs. Minnesota Vikings - January 9th, 1977

In the first half the Super bowl XI the Oakland Raiders defense hosted the Minnesota Vikings offense off the scoreboard. The Raiders took regulate during the second quarter come pull away from the Vikings. Oakland took a 16-0 lead right into halftime and also never looked back from there.

Snake was in total command in Super key XI. Stabler had 3 that the ideal receivers in Biletnikoff,Branch & Casper to throw to. Through an attack line behind Shell, Upshaw, Dalby, Buehler and also Vella, Stabler led the Raiders violation to a conquering 32-14 victory over the Vikings. Pic.twitter.com/9IJLXCpqJd

— Ken Stabler (
TheKenStabler) February 5, 2021

Minnesota Vikings lastly reached the end zone throughout the 3rd quarter. Fran Tarkenton connected with Sammy White on one eight-yard touchdown pass. The Raiders ripped off 16 right points and took a 32-7 lead. Stu Voigt hauled in a 13 garden touchdown pass from Bob Lee. Oakland Raiders go on to loss the Minnesota Vikings 32-14 in Super key XI.

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Super key XV: Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles- January 25th, 1981

Jim Plunkett led the Oakland Raiders into Super bowl XV versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Plunkett threw two directly touchdowns in the very first quarter versus the Eagles. Cliff Branch hauled in a two-yard happen from Plunkett and Kenny King caught a 80 yard touchdown pass.

January 25, 1981