A triangular pyramid is a geometric form that has actually a triangular base and three triangular faces. It has a vertex, typical to every the three lateral encounters of a triangular pyramid. If every the three triangular deals with are equilateral, then together a pyramid is called a tetrahedron.

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A Pyramid is a polyhedron that has actually a base and three or more than 3 triangular deals with that conference at a point over the basic (the apex). Triangular pyramids room formed solely from triangles. The 3 triangular sides slant upwards to type the triangle base. As it is created from four triangles, a triangular-based pyramid is likewise called a tetrahedron. Learn much more about pyramids here.

The basic of the pyramid can be based on different types of triangles. If all the encounters are equilateral triangles or triangles whose edges are all same lengths, the pyramid is dubbed a constant tetrahedron. If the triangles have actually edges of assorted lengths, the pyramid is an rarely often rare tetrahedron.


Triangular Pyramid Definition

A triangle pyramid is a pyramid which has a triangular base. In geometry, vertices are essentially corners. Every triangular-based pyramids, either continuous or irregular, have four vertices.

Triangular-based pyramids have actually 6 edges, 3 room along the base and also 3 are expanding up from the base. If the 6 edges space of the exact same length, all the triangles space equilateral, and also the pyramid is dubbed a continual tetrahedron.


Types of triangular Pyramids

The different varieties of triangular pyramids space :

Regular triangle PyramidNon-regular PyramidRight triangular Pyramid

Regular triangle Pyramid

A pyramid has actually a base with sides that room equal in length. For the triangle pyramid, the basic of regular tetrahedron have to be an equilateral triangle.

Non-Regular triangle Pyramid

A pyramid has a base through sides that have various lengths. The basic of the triangle pyramid has actually unequal sides. Or we deserve to say, the base could be a scalene triangle or one isosceles triangle.

Right triangular Pyramid

A three-Dimensional shape with a right-angle triangle at its base extruding as much as a single point is a right-triangular pyramid.

Properties of triangular Pyramid

The triangular pyramid has 4 facesThe 3 side faces of the triangle pyramid are trianglesThe basic is also triangular in shapeIt has 4 vertices (corner points)It has 6 edgesTriangular pyramid have the right to be regular, irregular and also right-angledA regular triangular pyramid has equilateral triangles because that all four faces

Triangular Pyramid Formula

The formula for the area and volume that the triangle pyramid is offered here. We can use these formulas to solve the problems based upon them.

Volume of triangular Pyramid

To discover the volume that a triangular-based pyramid, multiply the area the the triangular base and also the elevation of the pyramid (measured native the basic to the apex). Then, division this number by three.

Volume = ⅓ × basic Area × Height

Surface Area of triangular Pyramid

To determine the surface ar area of a triangular-based pyramid, add together the area that the base and the area of all the sides.

For consistent tetrahedra, this calculate is simple. Discover the size of the base and the height of one of the triangles. Main point those measurements collectively and also divide this number by two. This is the area of among the triangles.

Now, main point this area by 4 to account for every the triangular deals with of the pyramid. For irregular tetrahedra, discover the area that every triangle individually, utilizing the area formula. Then, add all the locations together.

Surface Area = (Base area) + ½ × Perimeter × (Slant length)

Net that a triangle Pyramid

A network of the triangular pyramid is the pattern developed when the surface of it is set out level showing every triangular challenge of the figure. For different species of solids, the net pattern is different.

To uncover the network of a solid we need to keep a keep in mind of the complying with points:

Make certain the pyramid and also the net have actually an equal number of faces.The forms of the encounters of the pyramid should match the shapes of the equivalent faces in the net.Imagine how the net have the right to be urgent to type the pyramid and assure the all the sides fit together properly.


Note: Nets are beneficial when we need to find the surface ar area that the solids.

Triangular Pyramid resolved Examples

Example 1: find the surface ar area that a triangle pyramid through the basic area is 28cm.sq., the perimeter is 20cm, slant size is 5cm.


Surface area = + ½ × Perimeter × = 28 + ½ × 20 × 5

= 28 + 50

= 78 cm.sq.

Example 2: uncover the volume the a triangular pyramid v a base area is 28cm, height is 4.5cm.


Volume = ⅓ × base Area × Height

= ⅓ × 28 × 4.5

= ⅓ × 126

= 42 cubic.cm.

Example 3: discover the volume that the adhering to triangular pyramid, rounding your price to 2 decimal places.

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V = ⅓ × AH

= ⅓ × (½ bh) H

= ⅙ bhH

= ⅙ × 19 × 17 × 23

= 1238.17 (Correct come 2 decimal places)

So, the volume is 1238.17 cm3

Practise Questions

What is the volume of a constant triangular pyramid whose edge length is same to 10cm?Find the full surface area the a constant triangular pyramid whose each edge is same to 5 cm.