Part of being a good communicator way knowing just how to listen. If you"re like most people, you probably don"t give much despite to how countless words you take it in every day. Research suggests that the average human being hears in between 20,000 and also 30,000 words throughout the food of a 24-hour period.

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Developing great listening skills is important, especially when it comes to building solid professional and personal relationships. Being an reliable listener means engaging her ears and also your mind so you"re tuned in come what"s being said - something the takes time come learn exactly how to do. Just ask any kind of parent of little children exactly how frustrating the is to need to repeat themselves 100 times a day. took the time to research some simple facts and also figures around how well world listen and also what it is we listen to. If you"re curious about what us uncovered, you"ll want to find a quiet spot to examine out this 23 insightful listening statistics.


Listening isn"t something that needs a substantial physical effort, yet it doesn"t median it"s not any type of less exhausting. Between TV shows, conversations at work and chatting through your spouse, you"re soaking up a large amount that information and also processing it deserve to be a psychological workout.

How much time do human being spend listening? People spend between 70 and 80% of your day involved in some kind of communication, and around 55% of your time is specialized to listening.

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What"s the average speaking rate? Some human being are chattier than others however on average, the common person utters all over from 125 come 175 words every minute.

How plenty of words do we listen to per minute? Your ears occupational a tiny faster than your mouth. The average variety of words you"re maybe to listen to every minute is roughly 450.

How lot of what us hear is absorbed? Even though your ears are capable of choose up top top so plenty of words, your mind doesn"t necessarily process all the them. Most world usually just remember around 17 to 25% of the things they hear to.

Are men or women much better listeners? Research shows that males only use fifty percent their mind to listen while women interact both lobes. If you constantly feel like your spouse or significant other is tuning girlfriend out, that may be why.

How crucial are the words us say? You might be surprised to find out that your words just convey around 7% that what you"re trying to say. The other 93% is connected through face expressions and also the tone of your voice.

Is there an ext than one method to listen?There room actually four distinctive listening layouts that you have the right to employ, and about 40% of civilization are using 2 or more at any kind of given time.


An extensive body of research study exists worrying how the points we listen to can impact our mental, physical and emotional state. What we discovered is the listening have the right to correlate to better (or worse) health in a number of different ways.

Is listening to complaining negative for you? Listening come nagging or complaining for 30 minutes or more can cause damage to the component of your mind that handle problem-solving skills. That"s other to save in mental the next time you"re stuck talking to a an adverse Nancy.

Can listening to music make you smarter? Putting on some tunes while you study deserve to potentially boost your grades. Studies display that listening to classic music if hitting the books has been linked to a 12% rise in math test scores.

Will it minimize stress? A variety of studies have attempted to attach listening to music to a much more stress-free environment. Listening come music before surgery has been shown to lower cortisol level and an outcome in much less anxiety contrasted to patients who were offered drugs instead.

Or assist you lose weight? Researchers have displayed that listening come relaxing music when eating the end at a restaurant caused diners consuming 175 under calories. If you"re having trouble sticking to your diet, a side of smooth jazz through your dinner may be the answer.

Does listening to music boost accident risk? When teens are behind the wheel, 98% of lock are likely to walk a control error when listening to their favorite music. That figure drops come 78% once they hear to something relaxing, prefer soft rock.


One that the ways that world do a lot of their listening each day is through radio. Young and also old alike proceed to cruise the dial however there room some major differences in terms of how they perform it.

How many people listen come the radio?Even though the face of radio has actually changed, its popularity hasn"t. Around 92% of Americans age 12 and also older listen to the radio at least once a week.

How long do adult listen for? Throughout the food of a day, adult listen to just over four hours the audio communications. About 52% of that is invested listening to broadcast radio and the rest is divvied up in between Internet radio, audiobooks and satellite radio.

What execute adults hear to most? Country music is the many popular choice among adults, acquisition up a 14% re-publishing of the market. In second place is news and also talk radio, v a 12% slice of the audience pie.

How frequently do teens track in? Kids consume around 8 come 10 hours of media a day, and 2.5 the those hours are spent listening come music.

How perform teens access their music? The way kids listen to music varies yet on average, they invest 41 minutes on your iPods or MP3 players each day. An additional 64 minute is divided in between listening come a conventional radio and also Internet radio v their computers.

What"s the many listened to tune of every time? If you"re wonder what the most listened to track in background is, forget the height 40. It"s actually Disney"s "It"s a little World," which has been played approximately 50 million times due to the fact that its 1964 release.


For some people, their capability to listen is hindered through things beyond their control. As soon as hearing lose is a factor, it deserve to have lasting effects on how well civilization are able come listen and also communicate in general.

How many human being have listening difficulties? An approximated 38 million Americans have some degree of listening loss. That"s around 12% the the total population.

What"s the number one reason of hearing trouble? While aging theatre a part, exposure to according to noises is behind 15% of hearing ns in adult aged 20 come 69. Also 15 minutes of hear to loud noise every day can reason permanent hearing damage.

Who is most most likely to shed their hearing? Men are an ext likely than women to experience hearing loss. There"s a 25% opportunity of having a severe hearing deficiency by the moment you reach period 65. The number jumps to 50% amongst the 75 and up crowd.

How many children have hearing loss? Approximately 3 million children in the U.S. Have some type of listening loss and also just over a 3rd of them are under period 3. Around 5 in every 1,000 newborns will certainly be affected.

How does it impact their education? Even a soft hearing loss can cause kids to fall behind in school. Studies present that they might miss out on as much as 50% the what"s being claimed in the classroom.


Escaping the constant barrage of lift noise in our day-to-day lives isn"t constantly easy, and also unless you"re willing to take it a vow of silence, girlfriend can"t avoid it altogether.

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The vital is to pay attention to what you"re listening to, do it less complicated to filter the end the static.

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