Fire deserve to be used safely come restore indigenous grasslands and administer many benefits to people and also

September 15, 2018

| last updated march 18, 2021

Prescribed fire burns benefit native grasslands and also the sustainability of the ecosystem. In this article, read about the benefitsof fire, the safety, exactly how Conservancy Preserves use it, our partners, and also answers to generally asked questions.

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Before Europeans settled the great Plains and also upper Midwest, substantial prairies and also savannas once covered around 110 million acre in Minnesota, phibìc Dakota and South Dakota, and these grasslands melted on a continual basis.

Some fires were led to by lightning strikes, while many much more were started by native Americans who shed to clear the land because that agriculture, improve grazing and also forage for game species, straight game migration and clear brush come ease travel or prevent hostile pressures from draw close unnoticed.

Purple Coneflower Wildflowers often rebound and bloom quickly after a burn. © TNC
Fire is a natural component of the meadow ecosystem and helps preserve its health and vigor. That warms increase the soil and also reduces the leaf litter the accumulates every year, permitting sunlight come penetrate. Warming the soil rises microbial activity, i m sorry releases nutrient from disc plant material that brand-new grasses and flowers have to grow.

After a fire, blackened fields quickly revive through new, green grasses and abundant, showy wildflowers. Big bluestem, purple coneflower and blazing star are amongst the many species that prosper with fire. Indeed, thousands of Minnesota, phibìc Dakota and also South Dakota’s plant varieties would be lost without it.


Fire Provides countless Benefits

Prescribed burn in ~ Paul Bunyan This is among 5 jack pine tree savannas in Minnesota. Maintain of jack jaw savannas is dependence on frequent managed burning © Richard Hamilton blacksmith

The Conservancy support the safe and also ecologically proper use that fire to preserve the grasslands and also their plant and animal diversity in Minnesota, phibìc Dakota and South Dakota. Right here are a few of the numerous benefits the fire gives to people and also

Controlling overgrowth of woodlands

Fire, occasionally in combination with livestock or bison grazing, is supplied to regulate trees, woody shrubs and also invasive species and store grasslands healthy. ~ a fire, grazing animals are attractive to the lush re-growth that grass and also concentrate your grazing in that melted area. As new areas room burned, grazers change to the many recent melted area, permitting previously burned areas to recover.

Preventing wildfires

Regularly applied fire deserve to reduce the strongness of one unplanned fire. Without fire, leaf litter build up over time providing lots that fuel. If an unplanned fire have to occur, it will be much more severe and also harder to manage where a lot of fuel has constructed up.

Providing grasslands because that wildlife

As native Americans did prior to settlers arrived, land managers today usage fire to preserve grasslands because that wildlife including elk and other video game species. Healthy grasslands carry out food and also cover for wildlife all year long. They can also carry out nutritious forage because that cattle.

Benefiting the foodchain

Fire can also be offered to increase wildflower diversity in grasslands, which services butterflies, moths and also other pollinators, offering a selection of food sources throughout the cultivation season. Varied grasslands also provide the different types of vegetation and also structure that pollinators require during various times in their life-cycles.

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Sustaining vital habitats for intimidated birds

Fire is an essential to keeping the habitat the grassland-dependent birds, including meadowlarks, dickcissels and chestnut-collared longspurs, whose populaces are declining dramatically across North America and other components of the world.