Warped tour is an annual summer traveling music festival hosted by Kevin Lyman. It has been held because 1995 and also typically attributes punk rock, alternative rock, hip hop, and electronic run music bands on a diverse selection of stages across North America. The occasion was established as an secret punk rock present in 1994 with only a couple of hundred attendees however grew to end 100,000 civilization in the 2000s decade. This year’s edition will be organized from July 18th-21st at Fairplex Pomona CA.

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warped tourism dates and also schedule 2022 / 2023

This blog article is one informational guide for those who space interested in the upcoming year’s warped tour dates and also schedules. The occasion is a significant music festival the features plenty of well-known bands from genres like rock, punk, metalcore, hardcore, garage rock, i know good hop, or electronica. That takes place across North America with stops in urban such together Philadelphia or Chicago to name a few. There will be multiple occasions throughout the summer on various days so check ago often to find out once your city will organize its next act.

warped tour tickets 2022 / 2023

The upcoming Warped tourism is being announced as a extension of the original tour, which was started in 1995. The tourism will start on June 17th and go v October 12th, with an ext than 50 concerts throughout North America. Tickets are obtainable now because that those who desire to be involved in this event! Be sure to take them before they market out.

There is a tiny glimpse of the upcoming concert, price upon the range.

Vans Warped tourism Ticket Prices

CityVenueAverage Ticket Price
CharlottePNC Music Pavilion$57
HoustonNRG Park$62
ChicagoHollywood Casino Amphitheatre$66
PhiladelphiaBB&T Pavilion$55

warped tourism lineup 2022 / 2023

We’re looking in ~ the lineup for Warped tourism 2022 and 2023. The lineup this year is diverse, with artists from almost everywhere the world and also spanning plenty of genres of music. This list contains newcomers to the tour and also some old favorite that have actually been touring for years.

The lineup for following year’s Warped Tour has actually not to be announced yet, but we have the right to speculate top top what it will look like based upon previous lineups. Previous lineups have included a wide selection of bands in various musical category including

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how to buy a warped tour shirt?

If you’re searching for a warped tourism shirt, yet don’t know just how to purchase one, this is the short article for you! Concerts room so lot fun and it’s constantly nice to have a souvenir. If you desire an authentic tour t-shirt climate there room two ways that i can display you whereby to find them.

The first way is through going directly to the tape website i beg your pardon will provide the most accurate search results due to the fact that they typically list all of their merchandise consisting of apparel.

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Another means would be v google photos or any kind of other online keep in general and see what mr up as soon as searching “warped tourism shirt”.