The PS2 stays the best-selling console of every time, therefore there’s no wonder you’re sat there asking yourself just how much is a PS2 worth!

With end 159-million units sold and 1.5-billion game sales under that is belt, the PS2 certainly changed gaming, and indeed the means we game forever.

We’ve spent hrs playing few of the best PS2 games ever made and also hoarding rarely PS2 games like Gollum in our gaming caves. And also now, it’s time to see just how much the main machine itself is precious in today’s market!

We’ve provided the miscellaneous variants that this console below, as well as the price the you could expect to pay for a PS2 or the quantity of money you’d expect to obtain if marketing one.

So, just just how much is a PS2 precious in 2020?

You’re about to find out!

(Please note: every one of our sector research and also data is bring away fromeBay, as this is the most common means to sell a PS2 console. Details is exact as of November 2020, and we will upgrade this post on a monthly basis to keep you updated and also to reflect ~ above the fluctuation that prices. Every prices space based in USD.)


How much Is A PS2 Worth?

The PS2 as of today sells because that $35 – $120 depending upon the condition of the console itself and also if girlfriend have every one of the accessories, including the original box, cables and also controllers.

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Like every collectable everywhere, the price the a PS2 will vary depending upon what problem it is in, and also if the comes v the original box, video game bundles, controllers, etc. Condition is a substantial factor too, and you’ll mean to spend/earn an ext if a an equipment is looked after

The PS2 first arrived ago in 2000, do it 20 years old! some of these used consoles deserve to be bought for $35 without a box and sometimes simply for the console itself. $55-75 will get you a storage card and also game, and if you’re ready to invest a small more, then $115 should acquire you two controllers and a bundle of games.

Refurbished consoles do cost more, yet you additionally get the peace of mind the your device has been looked over by a professional.

Amazingly, sealed PS2 consoles can go for over $1,119! i guess girlfriend pay an ext to obtain a sealed slice of history!

Used: $35 – $115

Refurbished: $55 – $160

Sealed: $1,119+


How much Is a PS2 Slim Worth?

The PS2 Slim as of today sells for $20 – $130 depending on the problem of the console itself and also if friend have every one of the accessories, consisting of the original box, cables and controllers.

The PS2 Slim was the second offering in the PS2 range. It was slimmer (obviously) and also easier to store in TV cabinets or on shelves.

The PS2 Slim was produced in large numbers, therefore they have tendency to be a bit cheaper to buy 보다 the original version.

You can pick up a offered copy because that anything roughly the $20 mark with every one of the vital cables and also a controller. If you’re looking to obtain a console v a box or one that has actually a games bundle v it, climate you can expect to salary anything up to $130.

Sealed copies can cost anything from $449, with prices rising if lock come as component of a gamings bundle!

Used: $20 – $130

Refurbished: $65 – $130

Sealed: $449+

What Is The Difference in between A PS2 and also A PS2 Slim?


The distinctions are few, yet collectors and nostalgic gamers will certainly no doubt desire to recognize what they are.

The initial PS2 console came v a front-loading key tray and also had HDD support, making gamings such as last Fantasy XI watch even more stunning. The original design was the very first generation, and also collectors always love the first evolution the a product.

There are more PS2 slim consoles out there in the world, therefore they tend to expense a tiny less than sealed copies of the original design. The PS2 Slim doesn’t have actually HDD support, however it does have actually a flip-up key tray.

All in all, the PS2 slim had fewer problems and also worked a heck of a lot better. Yet that HDD support will leave Sony super-fans drooling.


How much Is A White PS2 Worth?

The White PS2 as of today sells because that $45 – $260 depending on the problem of the console itself and if girlfriend have every one of the accessories, consisting of the original box, cables and also controllers.

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The PS2 Ceramic White Slim Console often tends to sell for a pretty penny these days (or must that it is in a exciting dollar?).

This restricted edition version of the PS2 Slim have the right to sell because that anything up to $260 offered if that comes v a crate or a bundle that games.

Sealed versions have sold in ~ $799 and also above. The price has tendency to go up additional if the console is part of a bundle.

Used: $45 – $260

Refurbished: $135 – $300

Sealed: $799+

How lot Is A restricted Edition PS2 Slim Worth?


The restricted edition PS2 as these days sells because that $40 – $375 depending upon the problem of the console itself, what edition that is and if you have all of the accessories, consisting of the original box, cables and controllers.

This is a little of a cheeky ar as the white console is additionally a limited edition console, but it’s more often described as a ‘White PS2’ 보다 anything else.

Other restricted edition console colour that have the right to be picked up are red, pink, blue, and silver.

In regards to price, you can expect to salary a similar amount come the white console above. Some colours do cost much more than others, however.

Pink consoles deserve to go for anywhere roughly the $200 – 375 mark if they have actually a box v them!

Used: $40 – $375

Refurbished: $135 – $300

Sealed: $799+

How much is a PS2 controller worth?


Now that online gaming has taken end couch co-op, every one of your friends may well be virtual ones.

Don’t worry; you have the right to still offer your old controllers and also make a little of cash on them to invest with her digital pals!

The standard black controller can go for anything in between $12 – $29 relying on condition and if that still has actually a box, and the restricted edition controllers have tendency to bring in a tiny bit an ext besides.

We mustn’t forget the legendary guitar hero controller either, one of the ideal PS2 equipment of all time! The original Gibson SG controller has actually a second-hand resale value of about $15, whereas custom axes such together the BC well-off Warbeast controller will set you earlier $147!