I would prefer to know how much rice i should cook per person.Preferably in some \"fast\" dimensions - like cups, spoons, etc.

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It would also be nice to know how much water have to I include to the rice-cooker.

Edit: I want to have the rice as a side dish, usually v some sort of stew.

Edit: The cup I\"ve been utilizing is 300ml filled about 3mm below top leaf (which is what i think about \"full\").


I commonly use 1/4 cup per human for a smallish portion, and also 1/3 cup per human being if you\"re a little hungrier. You\"ll most likely want to check the accuse for your rice cooker to check exactly exactly how much water you should add as various manufacturers vary. I think the one I used in the past required an equal amount of water come rice.


The conventional rice cup measure up is one go (long o sound) ~180ml, which to be at some suggest based ~ above a Japanese federal government opinion about how lot raw rice one average person would consume. 1 koku is 1000 x 1 go, so this indicates that a common person would have actually consumed almost one walk per meal. But this would likely have actually been identified during a period in which most civilization were living agrarian lives, and also perhaps can have had restricted access come a wide variety of vegetables, meat and also fish. They can have necessary a many calories indigenous carbohydrates like rice just to keep weight in a physically demanding lifestyle.

In practice, I find I eat a lot an ext side dishes once I have actually rice, for this reason I\"m an ext than satisfied with around 1 Japanese bowl of rice, i m sorry on average only takes around 180ml cooked rice (~90ml life rice) to to fill up. Various other Americans, who have tendency not to think about rice vital part the the meal, may find even much less rice adequately filling.

But in most countries, the lot of rice offered actually depends quite a lot of on what food is gift served. If you\"re served curry or something that\"s sort of a one plate meal, favor donburimono, you\"re likely to be served a larger amount of cook rice (potentially approximately 360ml cooked/180ml raw). If several key dishes or one big dish and several next dishes are served, that small 180ml rice bowl would certainly be an ext typical. As for me, I tend to serve mine a small light compared to the remainder of mine family, but when estimating rice because that a dinner party i assume around 90ml per person, or a bit more if I\"m concerned about large eaters.

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(Apologies for not using weight measurements for those who choose them; mine rice cooker is tuned for volume measurements).