Do you ever before wonder if you room underpaid? Or wonder what who in her position and market size should be earning? perform you wonder what your dream job will pay?


To assist answer your questions, we’ve compiled a list of sports broadcasting salaries.

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Before we obtain to the numbers, right here are things two keep in mind:

Salaries vary based upon market size and location.The numbers we list are base salaries. They perform not incorporate bonuses, commissions, 401K, hair, makeup and wardrobe, etc.

If you believe any of our number are entirely off base, please share your insights in the comments ar at the end of this post.

Full-Time Radio & TV Sportscasting Salaries

Annual SalaryJob Type
$600,000Veteran, major market TV sports anchor.
$300,000Mid-day sports talk host, peak 5 market.
$290,000Veteran, regional network studio talent.
$150,000 – $175,000SportsCenter anchor, lower profile talent.
$100,000 – $125,000Young local network studio talent.
$100,000Smaller market, major League Baseball radio voice.
$90,000 – $100,000Highest file NCAA DI play-by-play jobs.
$82,000Rookie NBA play-by-play voice.
$70,000Mid-market TV sports anchor.
$64,000Administrator/Talent because that a mid-major conference digital network.
$60,000Younger radio network play-by-play talent. (They do fewer gamings than the voice the a college program and don’t host coaches shows.)
$50,000 – $90,000Power 5 Conference football/basketball and maybe baseball play-by-play.
$46,000Sports Anchor/Reporter, non-metro, Pennsylvania.
$45,000Mid-day sporting activities talk host, height 50 market.
$40,000Mid-major football/basketball play-by-play.
$39,000TV sporting activities anchor/reporter, Alabama.
$35,000TV sports anchor/reporter, Nevada.
$28,000TV sports anchor/reporter, southern Carolina.
$27,000Sports Reporter, non-metro, north Carolina.
$26,000Sports Reporter, non-metro, Indiana.
$26,000Small industry on-air personality/play-by-play broadcaster.
$15,000Seasonal Class-AA minor league baseball media relations/play-by-play broadcaster.

Freelance sporting activities Broadcasting Salaries

(All salaries room per game pay)

SalaryJob Type
$1,200 – $1,500Independent contractor play-by-play in ~ a conference network.
$950 – $3,000Regional network university football play-by-play. Based top top experience.
$900 – $1,300ESPN3 football and also basketball play-by-play.
$650 – $1,600Regional network college basketball play-by-play. Based top top experience.
$300ESPN3 baseball play-by-play.
$250 – $900Football and also basketball radio analyst, depending on the conference.
$150 – $250Football radio sideline reporter.
$65 – $150High college football and basketball play-by-play. Less if the broadcast is Internet-only.

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Again, if friend think we’re way off what or you merely want to share her thoughts, you re welcome leave her comments in the ar below.