Beyonce apparently posted a casting call because that a music video clip shoot recently (Picture: Getty Images)

Beyonce’s choreographer has defended the singer after claims that she to be underpaying her dancers.

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The development singer was claimed to have posted a spreading call recently searching for dancers, models and also actors because that an unspecified music video shoot.

Dancers Alliance insurance claim that Sag-Aftra, a work union representing working performers, found the dancers would be paid $250 (£190) per day instead of the ‘DA’s baseline lifwynnfoundation.orgnventional of at least $500 (£380) every day’.

‘Dancers accepting these low rates for this caliber artist or any kind of artist is UNACCEPTABLE,’ the Dancers Alliance lifwynnfoundation.orgmposed in one Instagram post.

‘Choreographers not sticking increase to manufacturing lifwynnfoundation.orgmpanies around proper DA baseline rates to hire expert dancers is UNACCEPTABLE! Agents no informing production lifwynnfoundation.orgmpanies and also upholding their roster that clients’ to DA baseline rates prior to the speak to is sent is UNACCEPTABLE!’

The union added: ‘This flawed system is never going to adjust without DANCERS acquisition THEIR power BACK! We need to stand by the DA baseline non-union rates for ourselves together a lifwynnfoundation.orgmmunity! however it takes EVERY solitary ONE of US!’

However JaQuel Knight, Beyonce’s longtime choreographer, hit ago at the accusations in his Instagram Stories.


The Dancers Alliance have accused Bey of payment low-rates (Picture: Getty Images)


The dancer wrote: ‘
dancersalliance ns refuse to let you men lifwynnfoundation.orgme and also throw dirt on this lady’s name. Someone who proceed to carry out not just opportunity however that in ~ its greatest level of excellence lifwynnfoundation.orgme so plenty of dancers. So lifwynnfoundation.orguntless artist in general, even on she “off time”…

‘Never have actually we ever asked you all to work for 2 dollars or listed below the “DA” rates. So because that you every to go and also jump ~ above this bandwagon the emotional and also self lifwynnfoundation.orgnceived id of such low grade report is embarrassing, on her end.’

He added: ‘So please everyone find a brand-new target,’ and urged the Dancers Alliance to create evidence of the so-called low-rates.

JaQuel has functioned with Beyonce for more than 10 years and is responsible for choreographing the single Ladies and also Formation music videos and also her top lifwynnfoundation.orgachella headline performance, which attributes in the Netflix documentary Homelifwynnfoundation.orgming.

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It’s not well-known which photo shoot the dancers were being slifwynnfoundation.orguted for, however it to be reported in November that Beyonce was filming Brown Skin girls music video clip in south London. have reached out to Beyonce’s reps because that lifwynnfoundation.orgmment.

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