Before Meghan, Duchess that Sussex married Prince harry in 2018, she operated as an actor in Hollywood. That the plenty of roles Meghan took on transparent the years, one of her many memorable one was as a briefcase design on Deal or No Deal. Part fans can be curious come know just how much Meghan make on the show, so read on below to uncover out.

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Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Meghan Markle worked on ‘Deal or No Deal’ in the at an early stage days the her exhilaration career

In the 2000s, Meghan was still do the efforts to discover her footing in the entertain industry, and she landed a function as a briefcase version on Deal or No Deal. Meghan showed up on the display for end 30 episodes.

However, she did not have actually many an excellent things to say about her time on Deal or No Deal. In one interview through Esquire in 2018, Meghan revealed she only took on the task “to do ends meet” and that it was physically exhausting.

“I went from working in the U.S. Embassy in Argentina to finishing up on Deal. It’s run the gamut. Definitely working top top Deal or No Deal to be a discovering experience, and also it helped me to understand what ns would rather be doing,” she said.

Meghan also added, “I would finish up standing up there forever in these terribly uncomfortable and also inexpensive five-inch heels simply waiting because that someone to pick my number therefore I might go and also sit down.”

How lot did she do on ‘Deal or No Deal’?

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Even though Meghan did not seem favor she had a blast top top the show, she walk stick through it for plenty of months. This is because, contrasted to other work Meghan had actually at the time, the gig ~ above Deal or No Deal came with a decent salary.

According come Express, who cited Meghan biographer Sean Smith, she “was payment $800 (£606) per episode and sometimes there to be up to 7 episodes filmed per day.”

While make the efforts to make it in Hollywood, Meghan additionally took on various other jobs. Many notably, she was a professional calligrapher and was rental to create invitation cards for various events, including Robin Thicke and also Paula Patton’s wedding. It is no known just how much she make from she calligraphy skills, but Meghan told Esquire that it to be “super lucrative.”

Meghan Markle eventually became a millionaire after ~ landing a function on ‘Suits’

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In the 2010s, Meghan’s lucky turned roughly when she landing the role of Rachel Zane top top Suits. She was one of the main personalities on the show, and this enabled her to have actually a steady income from acting. Meghan appeared on Suits for 7 seasons; she left the display shortly before marrying Prince Harry.

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Suits likewise turned Meghan right into a millionaire. She reportedly earned $50,000 per illustration on the show, and her increasing star power also permitted her to knife money native advertising. Before joining the royal family, Meghan reportedly had actually a network worth of $5 million.