I get paid a commission every time I market a car. My commission is a portion of the profit. In ~ the dealership wherein I work, I get paid 25 percent that the "front-end" profit and also 5 percent that the "back end." The front-end profit is do on the purchase price that the car. The back-end profit is uncovered in financing and anything rather we offer you, such together extended business contracts or space insurance.

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For example, if I offer a auto for $25,000 and there is a $1000 profit, or "gross" on the prior end, I"m payment a $250 commission. If the customer finances through the dealership and also we do $1000 on the ago end, ns get one more 5 percent, or $50. Total commission prior to taxes: $300.

I think most people understand this, to part degree. What lock don"t understand is that i only acquire paid if I offer a car. If i don"t sell a car, i don"t gain paid. Ns make nothing. So if girlfriend come in and also ask me to test drive a couple of cars, and also I job-related numbers through you, and you take up 3 or four hours of mine time, yet you leave and also don"t purchase a automobile . . . I have made nothing. I am not compensated in any way for the moment I simply spent with you. I simply poured three hrs down the drain.

Prior to getting into vehicle sales i had constantly been paid a salary or on one hourly basis. If I worked 40 hours a week, i was paid every little thing the hourly fairy was, times 40 hours. Once I was salaried, i was gaining a addressed amount each month, as long as ns did my job. But after my first week in sales i realized I had actually just given up 50 hrs of my life and also hadn"t do one red cent. Because I hadn"t marketed a car that week.

Let me call you, the is a strange and sobering thought. And also it transforms your perspective completely. The complying with is a slight exaggeration: Imagine that one day world collapses, and also all the grocery store stores close, and also you unexpectedly realize that if you desire something come eat, you"re going to need to go out and also hunt that down and kill it. Otherwise you"ll starve. The is what commissioned sales is like.

If you pull into my lot and also get out to look and I don"t greet you, I might have missed the end on the only chance at a paycheck I"ll have that day. Execute you think a lion sitting there in the veldt, who hasn"t consumed in days, look at up and also spots an antelope grazing in the grass a few hundred years away and says to himself, "Naaah, I"ll allow that male go, and also get the following one?" A hungry lion doesn"t care if the antelope is "just looking." He"s walk to operation it down and eat it. It"s a issue of survival.

This is what motivates the salesman. Hunger. This is what provides us placed up with the long hours and also the obstacles and also the delays the average customer throws ours way. We don"t eat -- or gain paid-- uneven you buy.

And exactly how much are we paid? Theoretically, the sky"s the limit. If you deserve to sell 20 or 25 cars a month, and also "hold gross" (make a huge profit) on every of them, you can make more than six numbers annually. And also there room salesmen out there who have done even better than that. There are the Joe Girards -- who when sold 18 dare in someday -- and sales expert Grant Cardones, and also people favor them that make much more than some CEOs. Yet by and big these people are the exception. No everyone can be a Michael Jordan or a LeBron James, no matter what they say in sales meetings.

Most salespeople carry out not sell 25 cars per month, and holding gun on a brand-new cars is virtually difficult these days. So in ~ every dealership there"s what"s recognized as a minimum commission, or "mini deal." That"s the minimum the dealership will pay you when a auto deal renders no money. In ~ my dealership, a mini deal is worth $125. Currently think around that.

How plenty of cars would you should sell at $125 a pop to make a kind living? do you think you could sell 3 car a week? That"s about 12 a month -- not as well bad. That functions out come $1500 a month. Or $18,000 a year before taxes. Hardly rojo in dough.

At my dealership the median commission is about $550 a car. That"s new and offered combined. Therefore if you"re an mean salesman and you sell 10-12 dare a month, which is the national average, and also each vehicle you sell is a $550 commission, what have actually you made? $6600. Or $79,200 a year before taxes. Not bad, depending upon where friend live . . . Yet hardly the life of Donald Trump. When you take into consideration the hours needed to do those sales, it"s even less impressive.

So what keeps civilization in automobile sales, if the money isn"t spectacular? Well, it"s a matter of perception and also personality, in mine opinion. At some point you may sell naught -- and also make nothing. The following day you might hit a home run and make $1000. Climate you make an additional $100, and afterwards get a bonus native the manufacturer and also make an additional hundred, because that $1200 because that a few hours work. Not as well bad. That"s what keeps the auto salesman going: the expect that next time, that or she is going come hit one out of the park. It"s a gambler"s mentality. Yet if you"re in commissioned sales, you need to have a little of the gambler in you.

I once sold a auto to a man in his at an early stage 20s. He come in v a friend of his and also wanted to test drive an larger Mustang we had, a Mustang that had actually been on our lot for fairly some time. However he didn"t buy the day. That came ago a couple of days later with the exact same friend, but I was busy with one more customer in ~ the time, therefore a girlfriend of mine that is mine "floor partner" helped him.

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At that moment the deal came to be what is well-known a "split deal," which method that mine friend and I would have to break-up the the supervisory board 50/50. Well, this young male was a hard negotiator, and it took united state something like four hours complete to close him. And we lost our butts ~ above the deal. We marketed the auto for less than we had in it, due to the fact that it had been top top the lot for virtually 60 days and also we were just around to send it come auction, which would have meant acquisition an even bigger loss.

After it was every over, the young male asked us "How much did you guys make on this deal?" ns asked that if he really wanted to know. He said yes. "How lot do girlfriend think we made?" ns asked. "Oh, probably 2 or 3 cool each," that replied. The honestly assumed that mine partner and also I had pocketed $6000 in the supervisory board on a $14,000 car. The truth was, it to be a mini deal, and split two means we had actually each do a whopping $62.50. Once I told that that, a big smile grew throughout his face, like we to be pulling his leg, and he said "Oh, no street! No way, man! you couldn"t make a living choose that!!"


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