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uneven you make it big, the typical salary you might expect as an actor is $50,529 a year. Adrian Dennis/Reuters want to do money in Hollywood?Sadly, the odds of coming to be a movie star are about 1 in 1,190,000, according to the"The book of Odds."

But your possibilities are much far better for finding work-related behind the camera, and also even if these jobs don"t pay millions, you deserve to still knife a kind living.

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So much do human being working in the organization really acquire paid?The Hollywood Reporterrecently rounded up a list of salaries generally earned by a range of employees working on small- and big-budget movies.

We"ve combinedTHR"s data with other research top top the subject—including some numbers from salary research, and aVanity same videoshowing how much each human being makes in a theoretical$200 million budget plan film—to gain a great sense of just how much different civilization make functioning on a movie.

Here"s what you can truly intend to do if you break into Hollywood.


The Hollywood Reporterestimates the A-list movie stars routinely make $15 million to $20 million for peak roles in big-budget films.Secondary lead actors in a movie such as"The pressure Awakens"earned an estimated$1.5 million come $4.5 million.Meanwhile, lesser-known actors choose Gal Gadot in"Wonder Woman"or Henry Cavill in"Man that Steel"might only obtain $150,000 to $300,000 even though they were starring in your movies.

According toPayscale, the average salary because that an gibbs or actress in general—in plays, TV, and the movies, there is no regard to the dimension of the role—is far, far less: $50,529 per year.

Makeup Artist

The usual makeup artist functioning in the film sector earns around $48 an hour, or roughly $75,000 a year, perThe Hollywood Reporter.But a makeup artist working on a big-budget movie will certainly make $124,000, or probably more.The average wage for a assembly artist in or out of the movie business is only $17.79 every hour, follow data.

Camera Operator

A camera operator"s median income in the TV or film service are justunder $50,000a year.If you"re functioning on a big-budget movie, though, you"ll earn up to $154,000 a year.


The latest writers Guild covenant requires the film screenwriters be payment at least $72,600 because that an initial script, and also $63,500 for an adaptation, butHollywood Reportersays that peak talent such as Aaron Sorkin regularly pull in $3 to $5 million every script.The median yearly salary for ascreenwriter is $72,414.


Payscalereports the the median yearly salary because that a producer in TV and films is just $66,121.However, the common Hollywood film producer earns$750,000to$1 millionper movie, despite first-time producers might make just $250,000.Producers behind monster crate office hits deserve to pull in 10s of millions.

Boom Operator

The human whose project it is to hold the microphone over actors" heads however out the the camera frame—a.k.a.the eight operator—makes around $37,000 for working on low-budget films, $72,000 for typical studio films, and also up to $120,625 for big-budget movies, according toHollywood Reporterestimates.


Directors overseeing their very first big-budget movies make around $500,000, follow toHollywood Reporter.But if you direct a big-time hit, her earnings deserve to soar.Patty Jenkins was supposedly paid$1 million for"Wonder Woman", and also after it showed to it is in thesecond-biggest movie the 2017(thus far), she i agreeed todirect the sequelfor $8 million come $9 million.

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Key Grip

The project of a fixed is to build and oversee all the equipment needed to support cameras and lighting, including dollies, tripods, cranes, and also such.The an essential grip, who is fee of every grip duties on the set, renders an estimated$113,920 top top a big-budget film, and also perhaps$25 come $35 an hourfor job-related on TV shows and also low-budget films, follow toHollywood Reporter.