Tigers are among the most amazing of the big cats.

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We"re seeing a many talk about tigers in the news right now thanks come the hit Netflix documentary collection "Tiger King" about the captive reproduction of these large cats. We won"t dig into that show, or its vibrant characters and also weird conspiracies here.

We have actually noticed that human being have many of burn questions around this cat species and this day we will certainly attempt come answer them.

These tiger facts room meant to answer few of the Internet"s many burning questions around these beautiful and also solitary animals.

How lot does a tigerweigh?


If friend watched "Tiger King," you likely were astounded when they proclaimed over there are more tigers in bondage than there are in the wild. Unfortunately, it"s true. The IUCN list the estimate of mature pets on their website in ~ 2,154 come 3,159 in the wild as of this writing. That number doesn"t include tiger cubs, yet that is quiet a distressing number to hear. The pets are official classified as "endangered" by the organization and their projections display the population is continuing to drop.

So, what room the major threats? Humans, human beings and more humans unfortunately. As people have encroached ~ above the wild locations these pets live, tigers space suffering excessive habitat ns to city development, agriculture, mining and also more.

As if the habitat ns wasn"t enough, there are additionally problems through poaching. Over there is a substantial black industry for tiger body parts where they are offered for dubiously believable medicine purposes. Still various other tigers are killed by poachers for your hides and also parts come be supplied for decorative or garments purposes. Plenty of countries have stepped up conservation efforts to make lot harsher penalties because that tiger poaching and also the trade of tiger parts. Yet much an ext work still requirements to be done to assist the tigers rotate the corner, consisting of the possibility of re-introducing animals earlier into their native ranges.

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Hopefully, the current success the "Tiger King" will aid educate an ext people ~ above the plight of these animals and will lead to greater conservation motions to keep these pets in the wild!

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