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Narrator: Sumo wrestlers eat up to 7,000 calories a day and also weigh 300 come 400 pounds or two to three times as lot as the typical adult.

While that might not sound prefer the healthiest lifestyle, girlfriend shouldn"t referee a book, or a body, by its cover. Take it a closer look, and you"ll uncover that it yes, really is what"s top top the inside the counts.

Normally, civilization with weight problems store a section of their extra fat deep inside the abdomen, whereby it wraps roughly the pancreas, liver, and also other an important organs. We speak to this visceral fat. It pollutes the blood through molecules the can reason inflammation, and also this is why obesity deserve to lead come health problems like high blood pressure , type 2 diabetes , and heart attacks.

But sumo wrestlers don"t usually endure from this symptoms. So what"s their trick? CT scans expose that sumo wrestlers don"t have much visceral fat in ~ all. Instead, lock store many of your fat best underneath the skin. That"s why researchers think sumo wrestlers room healthy. They have normal levels of triglycerides, a kind of fat in their blood, and also unexpectedly short levels of cholesterol, both the which lower their threat of heart disease , love attack, and stroke.

So exactly how did they fight the jackpot ~ above fat? The secret"s in your name: sumo wrestler. Studies show that extreme exercise might prevent the buildup the visceral fat. Basically, it needs to do with just how exercise boosts a hormone dubbed adiponectin. Adiponectin travel guide glucose and also fat molecules the end of our blood stream, wherein they could develop up as visceral fat, and instead place them underneath the skin.

Mind you, sumo wrestlers acquire a the majority of exercise. In ~ a sumo stable, or heya, in Japan, training start as early as 5 a.m. And can last because that up to five hours straight, and it"s nothing like what you"d suppose to uncover at your common group fitness class. Because that example, throughout an exercise dubbed butsukari-geiko, wrestlers take it turns repeatedly hitting and also pushing each other until castle collapse come the floor indigenous exhaustion. And also then, that course, there"s the match, whereby wrestlers try to shove their foe out the the ring or pressure them come touch the ground with any kind of body part other than the soles of your feet.

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But as shortly as the exercise stops, therefore does that benefits. Once sumo wrestlers retire, they need to seriously reduced calories or they come to be at hazard for cardiovascular disease. That could explain why retired wrestlers apparently die an estimated 10 year younger 보다 the median Japanese citizen. For this reason while the assumed of eating 7,000 calorie a day can be appealing, you probably shouldn"t. Uneven you"re spending most of her day trying come topple a 400-pound man.