I have a 14 karat yellow ring that weighs 0.3 ounces on my postal scale. Can you call me what the worth of gold in this ring is and what I need to expect to obtain for it from a refiner? – Bob in Columbia, MO

To identify the value of gold in your 14K yellow ring, there space a few issues to consider:

Weight – unfortunately postal scales are not accurate enough when one is considering the valuing the a gold item, however in this case, we measured the ring that you sent in and found that to actually did sweet 8 grams or 0.2822 ounces.

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Percentage that Gold – 14K gold is claimed to contain 58.24% gold while the remainder is frequently made increase of copper, zinc, nickel, and also other metals. We ran your ring with our X-Ray analyzer and also found that it actually consisted of 66.89% gold. See video clip Clip.
Price of Gold – top top July 22, the price of gold closed at $951.42 every ounce. Save in mind that gold is valued in troy ounces and also Americans generally think of an ounce as what is termed a avoirdupois ounce. Trojan ounces actually sweet a little much more than avoirdupois ounces so girlfriend actually have actually less than .2822 troy ounces the gold. To obtain your worth in trojan ounces, you would certainly actually need to multiply .2822 avoirdupois ounces through .912.

So, the lot of pure gold in your certain 14K yellow ring weighing .2822 avoirdupois ounces v a gold percentage of 66.89% was 0.18877 ounces. To number out its value in troy ounces, we mulitplied this number by .912 to acquire 0.172 troy Ounces. Mulitplying this by today’s price for gold of $951.52 and also your yellow is worth $163.79.

Of course, the refiner requirements to melt this into a kind that who wants and also make a benefit so you need to expect anywhere from 70% to 90% that this worth from a refiner. Many refiners won’t deal in amounts this low. At Arch Enterprises, we do, yet we pay on a range that arrays from 80% because that those who send in less than 1 ounce of pure yellow to over 90% for those sending out in over 2 ounces.

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My wife freshly purchased a necklace w/matching earrings in ~ an estate sale. They are plainly marked 585 on each piece, which ns believe means 14K gold; the total weight as close as I have the right to measure is 36.6 grams. The necklace is about 17.5 customs long and also the earrings are 36 mm x 14 mm. Deserve to you calculation the worth as my wife states “These space UGLY, but they could pay because that something pretty!” Thanks, Louis

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I very own a necklace and interested to understand its value. It weighs 1.7 troy ounces the gold. The karat worth is 18 come 21. There is stamping top top the clasp but unfortuately the is arabic…and I have actually know idea how to check out it. I would also like to understand if there is a difference in the worth if ns were to melt the down and also selling it or simply selling it as scrap. Thanks for her time.