Get your Franchising job on a Roll v a burgess King Franchise

Our story begins in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953 v two guys by the names of Matthew Burns and also Keith Kramer. One uncle and nephew, respectively, by marriage, Burns and Kramer were inspired by the success that the McDonald’s brothers in mountain Bernadino, California. Determined to put their own spin on quick food, the duo purchase a maker known together the Insta-Broiler, i beg your pardon they offered to broil their burgers. The machine was so successful that Burns and also Kramer compelled it be supplied in all of their franchise locations and also even used it as motivation for their company’s original name, “Insta-Burger King.”

Former Cornell classmates James McLamore and also David Edgerton opened up their an initial Insta-Burger King in Miami in 1954, whereby they modification the Insta-Broiler, turning it into a gas grill, which they dubbed a “flame broiler.” A few years later, after opened several more franchise locations, the pair purchased the company from Burns and Kramer, striking “Insta-” indigenous its name and also restructuring the organization from the floor up. McLamore and Edgerton ran the firm as an independent reality for eight years, during which time they presented Burger King’s signature burger, the Whopper, come the menu and also expanded come 250 locations throughout the joined States.

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The brand adjusted hands again in 1967, once McLamore and Edgerton marketed it to the Pillsbury Company, which carried former McDonald’s executive, Donald N. Smith, right into the fold in 1978. Smith kicked off a revitalization project, i beg your pardon included widening the burgess King menu, redesigning the branding and restructuring franchise operations. Burgess King went v multiple acquisitions and restructures over the following years, till it came to be the global burger behemoth us know and also love today.

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Worth the Investment?

The early investment expense of a burger King franchise place varies wildly depending upon which facility configuration you invest in (see “Potential Gains” come see much more about the various facility varieties and subcategories). For example, the initial investment for an indoor MRS (a non-traditional facility) can selection from $323,100 to $754,600, if the initial invest for a freestanding unit (a traditional facility) can selection from $1,877,600 to $3,283,600. This greater end selection places citizens King well over other comparable franchises, v the exception of Wendy’s, which needs an early stage investment in between $2,018,500 come $3,669,000, according to the Franchise Disclosure document (FDD) data because that both companies.

Burger King franchising costs breakdown as follows:

Total initial Investment: $323.1k–$3.3M

Franchise Fee: $15k–$50k

Royalty: 4.5% the monthly gun sales

Franchise Fees & Costs

For burger King Competitors

Franchise Fee

Initial Investment


Burger King



4.5% of monthly gross sales




4% of gross sales




4% of pistol sales

Taco Bell



5.5% of pistol sales




4%–5% of pistol revenue

Would You favor Financials through That?


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According to regulations, citizens King is can not to make any kind of representations about future financial performance or the past financial power of any company-owned or franchised units, nor have the right to they authorize employee or to represent to make any kind of such depictions either orally or in writing. Follow to the most recent Franchise company Review data, the median median income for food franchise owners is $126, 866.

Burger King at this time grants franchise civil liberties for 3 facility types, v sub-category configurations:

Institutional Locations: federal government buildings and also facilities, clinical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, sporting activities facilities, factories, that company campuses, turnpikes, limited access toy fee roads, template parks, zoos, and also educational facilities.

Traditional burgess King Restaurant Facilities: A self-contained, full-size citizens King restaurant that is located and operated on a site as a freestanding building or within one more building structure, such as a shopping mall. This form of facility serves the typical approved burger King menu.

Non-traditional burgess King Facilities: A citizens King restaurant located at a site that consists of other businesses, such as retail, food service, gas stations, convenience stores, other franchised business or restaurants or other similar facilities.


Co-brand: A citizens King restaurant that shares a building with various other concepts, together as other restaurants, retail, and also oil and also gas facilities.

In-line: A restaurant the is “in-line” is in a building that has actually businesses ~ above both sides. Size, menu and also production capabilities might vary.

End-cap: one in-line where the restaurant is situated at the far finish of the building.

Food Court: The restaurant is situated inside a shopping center, college, airplane or various other enclosed area. This kind of restaurant generally has a usual dining area.

MRS: MRS systems offer minimal production ability and a restricted menu, which have the right to vary by location.

Big-box: The restaurant is situated inside the retail outlet that a big-box retailer.

Be Your own King

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For franchisees looking to capitalize top top the success of an globally recognized and rewarding brand, BK could be a herbal fit.

Financial Assistance: burgess King participates in the global Franchise Association’s DiversityFran regime — a Franchise Education and also Research structure program designed to “increase diversity in franchising, when educating minority communities about the an excellent opportunities in franchising.”

All in ~ above Franchising: contrasted to its biggest competitor, McDonald’s — which permits franchising yet still retains property over 20% of its restaurant base — citizens King embraces a completely franchised model. This all-in strategy is support beneficial: Franchisees get much more control over opportunities, which enables them to operation stores more efficiently and increase benefit margins, and Burger King is able to provide an ext consistency to shareholders and also defer commodity expenses to that franchisees.

A full Support Team: Every citizens King franchisee is set up through a support team consisting of a Franchise support Manager, a desired real heritage brokerage, a Construction and also Design Manager, and purchasing and supply chain management to help set you up for success.

Brand name Recognition: through over 15.7 million client served and 2.4 billion burgers sold worldwide per year, there’s no question that burger King is one of the biggest quick food chains on the planet. Recent partnerships with other major brands like Budweiser and popular shipment services such together Door Dash and Postmates have made BK even an ext of a family members name. “When the time concerned decide i beg your pardon brand to invest in, citizens King was attractive come me due to the fact that it’s in a organization of its own,” stated BK franchise owner Patrick Sidhu. “I wanted to combine myself with BK due to its strong history, uniqueness and also brand recognition.”

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Don’t gain a life Deal

Although burgess King is just one of leading fast food chains and one the the most recognizable brand in the world, that doesn’t necessarily average it’s a certain bet. There space a few drawbacks to owning a burger King that every would-be franchisee would carry out well come be aware of.

High Startup Cost: depending upon which form of facility configuration you’re authorized for, the initial price of investing in and opening a burger King franchise location deserve to be prohibitively expensive. Prospective franchisees are urged to very closely evaluate your finances before making a decision on even if it is to invest.

Ups and also Downs: despite being among the most recognizable and also popular rapid food chain in the world, burger King has actually a surprisingly stormy financial history, especially as compared to other similar brands, such together McDonald’s. Burger King has adjusted hands multiple times since it was founded in 1953, often throughout periods of poor financial performance. V each acquisition, the firm re-stabilized, however, this re-stabilization was often brief lived. Despite Burger King is right now in an excellent standing, there’s constantly a chance that potential financial struggles can lead to the company being sold again, which can have a direct influence on your profit margins and on franchising obligations.

Certified grade A Alternatives

A burgess King franchise is just one of many exciting franchising opportunities available to everyone of an entrepreneurial persuasion. Before making your final decision, think about looking at some of these award-winning choices from our height Food and Beverage Franchises list to check out which franchise would certainly be the finest fit for you.

1. Checkers & Rally’s

Checker and Rally’s is together all-American as the NASCAR races its iconic checkered flag design evokes, serving up warm dogs, hamburgers, and milkshakes because 1986. Come because that the food, stay for the affordability: at $96k–$1.5M, the company’s early stage franchise investment price is top top the lower end of the spectrum contrasted to competitors, yet offers a 62% return on investment, according to FDD report data.

Franchise incentives for armed forces veterans

Low initial invest cost

High return on investment

Learn much more about owning a Checkers & Rally’s franchise.

2. Wendy’s

As one of the many recognizable rapid food brands in the world (in no small part to the welcoming smile of the red-headed mascot), Wendy’s created $1.59B in 2018, make it additionally one that the most profitable fast food brand in the world. The typical Wendy’s restaurant generates about $1.6M every year, follow to 2018 franchise disclosure figures, making that a competitive alternate to burger King.

Strong brand recognition

Flexible in regards to operations/day-to-day responsibilities

High yearly sales

3. Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza has end up being an incredibly popular franchising alternative in recent years because that its cost/benefit balance. Because that the relatively low initial investment cost of $375k–$700k, franchisees stand to do over $1M in typical net sales per year, v some top-performing systems earning over $2M every year. If those potential earnings weren’t appealing enough, Donatos additionally offers predictive knowledge capabilities for smarter delivery, flexible restaurant design options, a substantial training program, and also more.

Attractive cost/benefit balance

Predictive knowledge capabilities for smarter delivery

Comprehensive training program

Learn more about owning a Donatos Pizza franchise.

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4. Culver’s

Home of the butter burger, amongst other Midwestern classics, Culver’s has been serving up mouth-watering fare since 1984 and also franchising due to the fact that 1990. With approximately $2.2 million in sales per unit in 2017, it’s simple to know why Culver’s is an exciting option because that those ready to dip their toe in the quick food franchising people with a brand the offers an ext of a hometown feeling than several of the heavyweights. Culver’s most regularly draws franchisees who grew up loving the brand; claimed one franchisee, “Growing up with Culver’s offered me avenues to advancement my career, and also become a franchisee with my own restaurant.”

Strong unit sales

Comprehensive cultivate program

Additional assistance from opening and also franchise teams

Get her Franchise ~ above a Roll

Before deciding to open up a burgess King franchise location, make sure you completely understand the gaue won requirements, and also the day-to-day responsibilities of running such one establishment. No franchising decision need to be made lightly, and you have to take care to consider every one of the franchising opportunities obtainable to you. Indigenous conducting industry research to talking to current franchise owners, leaving no stone unturned when analyzing your choices so you deserve to move forward with confidence.