Now we usage the term ‘large cat’ around here in ~ Pet medicine Online, because it is a really handy brand to define a totality heap of vital cat wellness information. A cat’s load you view is instructional because that worming, flea treatments and also how much to feed them.

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So what is a large cat?

You can discover references almost everywhere our site for ‘large cat wormer’ and ‘large breed foods’ i beg your pardon is every well and an excellent if you know what we median by large. Obviously, over there is no utterly solved point, together the civilization of cats is both wide and varied. From a Cornish Rex’s viewpoint, most things bigger 보다 a kitten room huge; but to an adult Norwegian forest cat, some springer spaniels look like lightweights! So, in the genuine world, or at the very least our world, a big cat is anything end 5kg in weight.


As a general veterinary shorthand big cat is any cat end 5kg (11lbs in weight)

How have the right to I weigh my cat?

Well they’ll be sweet every time girlfriend visit the vets. So if you desire to know their load at the time of their last visit just give your vets surgical procedure a call and also one the the nurses will have the ability to look up her records. They should also have a weight history – so you’ll understand if the cats getting heavier or lighter.

So what go kg mean in pounds and also stones?


Classically, cats obtain weight as they grow from kittens, struggle a secure weight throughout their adult years, yet their weight have the right to fluctuate when they reach their an elderly years. In practice you’ll know if girlfriend cat is getting heavier as less than 5kg is a relatively easy load to lift, also at a stretch. 5kg and heavier is not.

If you require a much faster guide popular music the cat ~ above the kitchen scales. Many kitchen scales have the right to only sweet 5kg, for this reason if the cat maxes lock out, you’ve acquired a large cat. If the cat continues to be still enough to get an accurate reading, climate you’ve acquired a little cat. If placing them top top the scales just sounds a preposterous idea because they’d never fit, then you’ve probably obtained a huge cat.


Weight lock on the kitchen scale or the bathroom, scales, every little thing works because that you store a weather eye on their weight

Are friend brave enough for restroom scales?

The other key option is the toilet scales. If your cat will oblige by sitting still on this – winner! If not, girlfriend will have to do the stand on and weigh yourself, pick the cat up and weigh both of you, climate subtract the smaller number from larger number – the remainder is the cat’s weight. This no brilliantly accurate but should enable you to gauge in ~ ½ kg what lock weigh. Then it is just a case of forgetting/denying what you weigh!

Working the end the right variety of wormers

Frankly, this is most likely the solitary most complicated thing you’ll ever before have to perform as a cat owner. Worming treatments have to be offered regularly in stimulate to keep your cat clear of helminth intestinal worms. However, the amount needed to make the medication efficient depends on the cats’ weight. So larger cats acquire larger doses. The dose used likewise depends on the worming therapy being used. We’ve broken this down, right into (hopefully) digestible chunks below. Just uncover your wanted wormer and then inspect how much you should give.

Cat weight Chart – Drontal

With Drontal Cat, you have to look in ~ both columns and combine the tablet computer totals. One 11kg cat demands both a Drontal Cat and a Drontal Cat XL tablet. When a 7kg cat have to be provided 0 Drontal Cat XL and 2 Drontal Cat tablets.


Cat load Chart – other Wormers

This table, because that Cazitel and Prazitel, mirrors the variety of tablets required. Panacur 10% is a liquid, and the dose is in millilitres. Panacur dough comes in a syringe through graduated numbers on the plunger. Friend wind the ring ~ above the plunger by the wanted amount that graduations and this determines the dose.


Cat load Chart – Panacur Granules

The complication v Panacur’s Granules formulation is the there room three various strengths. 1g sachets jump in 2kg increments, 1.8g sachets in 4kg increments and also 4.5g job-related every 10kg. Use as numerous sachets the a single strength together is perfect for your cat’s weight.

It have the right to be more difficult to judge if a big cats is likewise over-weight. Therefore ask about their ideal weight following time friend visit the vets man Campbell, Head Vet of Pet drugs Online

You see. Straightforward wasn’t it? Remember few of the Panacurs do have actually lower but more frequent doses for kittens. As we’re talking big cats, the vast bulk of cats will need to be full adults before they rest the 5kg barrier. However, because that those substantial breeds, that is feasible they might hit 5kg+ and also still not be fully grown.

Fighting fleas v spot ons

Thankfully the world of non-prescription flea therapy is so much easier. All but one the the main brands go for a one-size-treats every approach. For this reason Frontline, Frontline Plus, Effipro, Eliminall and also Flevox all just do a ‘cat’ version. Only advantage differs, with tiny and large cat varieties. For advantage the problem is much more “is her cat small” fairly than large. Large cat packs are known as benefit 80 (for cat over 4kg), i m sorry is what you will do it be ~ if you’ve gained a large cat.

If you’re buying prescription flea therapies however, all but one that these have large/small versions. Some even have a medium version. So, when you’re buying castle make certain you popular music the right size one in your basket – it should be plainly named on her prescription.

They’re big boned

Some cats genuinely room big-boned – if you’ve ever before picked increase a Maine or Norwegian woodland you’ll recognize that cats can truly it is in hefty beasts. Some other cats deemed big by weight are just a small portly. Regardless of the reason for your largeness they’ll still need feeding and also the exactly amount. Enough to offer them part get-up-an-go, but not enough make come them even larger.

The an essential to feeding them best is reading the packet and also following its guidelines rigorously. Just because they to be up every night, or have actually been play in the garden, or that a Sunday for this reason they worthy a ideal lunch, makes no difference. Long-term, properly measured meals do for happy cats.

10-15 grams (g) is plenty

Well because that a regular shaped big cat that’s 10-15g of dried food every kilo. So, an 11kg cat should get in the region of 110 – 165g every day, if a 9kg cat should gain 90 – 135g: that’s every day, no per meal. The exact amount will vary relying on the kind of food you’re offering them, so perform read the feeding travel guide on the packet.

More taste much less waist

For wet food eaters a great guide is 50 – 60gs every cat per kilo. So, a 7kg cat would require 350g and 420gs wet food per day, while an 11kg cat would certainly get between 550gs and 726gs. Again, check out the feeding travel guide on the packs.

If you’re feeding castle a mixed meal the biscuits, climate it is time come take your shoes and socks off as you’ll have actually some major counting come do. Usage the dried food calculation to recognize a maximum daily gram complete for her cat. Then job-related out how numerous grams of wet food you feeding them in grams. Division this number through 4 to acquire its dry food equivalent. As soon as you subtract the converted ‘wet total’ native the everyday total, the rest deserve to be made up of biscuits!

Maths head on

For one 11kg cat, your dry daily full would it is in 165g of food, yet if they have actually 3 x 85g pouches that food (a full of 255g) that about equates come 63g of dry food. This method you can give them one more 102g the kibble the day. The does sound a lot yet these are huge beasts and this example, an 11kg cat, will get through a 2kg bag in a mere 12 job or a complete 5.1kgs in August.


Now if her cat needs a one-of-a-kind diet or has actually weight (high or low) challenges, speak to her vet or their nursing team that will it is in able to assist you build a proper diet plan.

Kneesy go it

Large cat leap and also bound about just as much as your smaller family members members. However, their increased weight means they put far greater strain with their joints, since every affect (such as jumping down from the furniture) sees your skeleton take it a twin or treble load compared to your lighter cousins.

Joint supplements may be worth exploring, also if your huge lad(y) is currently perfectly mobile. Laying down good nutritional structures in your younger years can benefit them later. If they’re already a little creaky while this supplements won’t have the ability to turn back time, they will certainly at least ensure your cat’s brimming with the joint and also cartilage repair nutrient their hips, knees and toes will certainly need.

These supplements have the right to be provided as treats (they are among the couple of tablets that space actually consumed voluntarily) or damaged up/sprinkled top top food. For cat they variety from 15p per tablet upwards, yet you do must bear in mind that these need to be offered long term for maximum benefit, so it is no an trivial commitment yet it is one that can seriously underpin their quality of later life.

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This post is one opinion and also should only be offered as a guide. Friend should talk about any readjust to your pet’s care or way of life thoroughly v your vet before beginning any program or treatment.