Use this web page to help you to calculate the weights and also calories of any type of serving size or part of mandarin, i m sorry are likewise known as basic peelers, satsumas, and also clementines (depending ~ above the variety.

The easy-to-use charts below will assist you come calculate weight conversions and also calorie values depending on what friend need.


How lot Does Mandarin sweet (Without Peel)

I’ve weighed a number of fruits and also gathered the adhering to information:

The mean weight the one Mandarin (also well-known as satsuma or clementine) weighs roughly 80-90g with the peel removed.

ConversionWeight of One AverageMandarin/Satsuma/Clementine (without peel)

How much Does Mandarin weigh (With Peel)

I’ve weighed a variety of fruits with and without the peel and also gathered the complying with information:

The median weight that one Mandarin (also recognized as satsuma or clementine) weighs roughly 100-110g including the peel.

ConversionWeight of One AverageMandarin/Satsuma/Clementine (including peel)

How numerous Segments room in an typical Mandarin?

I did the research study to find out the median amount of segment in an easy peeler mandarin fruit and also found the following:

The mean mandarin, satsuma, or clementine orange has a total of 10-11 segments.

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Each segment weighs an median of roughly 8-9g (0.28-0.32oz) and also contains about 4 calories.


How many Mandarins space in a Portion?

The recommended portion size for mandarin-type simple peelers (including satsumas and also clementines) is 2.

This is the amount encourage as part of the 5 a job fruit and also veg portion.

Two average-sized 80-90 gram mandarin oranges contain about 76-86kcal in total.

Mandarin load & Calorie Chart

The counter table listed below shows much more mandarin/satsuma/clementine sections to aid you conveniently work out the weight and calories for your portion.

This graph is based upon the assumption that an median fruit weighs 85g and also an typical segment weighs 8.5g. I’ve also used verified calorie worths from MyFitnessPal.

Mandarin/satsuma/clementineserving size(without peel)Average weight (in grams and ounces)Average calories(in kcal)
1 segment8.5g/0.3oz4
2 segments17g/0.6oz8
3 segments25.5g/0.9oz12
4 segments34g/1.2oz16
5 segments42.5g/1.5oz20
6 segments51g/1.8oz24
7 segments59.5g/2.1oz28
8 segments68g/2.4oz32
9 segments76.5g/2.7oz36
10 segments85g/3oz40
1 oz28.3g/1oz13
2 oz56.7g/2oz27
3 oz85g/3oz40
4 oz113.4g/4oz54
1 fruit (half a serving)85g/3oz40
2 fruits (one serving)170g/6oz81

Manderin Peel Weight

I weighed the peel that various types of mandarin/satsuma/clementine oranges and also found the following:

The average weight that the peel from an typical size fruit is approximately 20-30g.

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Fruit with thicker peel is heavier and also it usually weighs around 30g.

Most mandarin variety fruits (including satsuma and clementines) often tend to have thin skin so they’re straightforward to peel.