Working in quick food doesn"t exactly have a reputation for payment the huge bucks, also for those in management. Follow to PayScale, the median salary for a quick food basic manager in the United states is around $41,000 a year. That"s not bad, however it"s no exactly lucrative either. Pile on an extra $60,000? currently we"re talkin". Taco Bell freshly announced a serious pay progressive of several of its managers with wages that are in the $100,000 variety (via MarketWatch). 

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To put that in perspective, the pay isn"t actually all that much reduced than what a Taco Bell franchise owner would certainly make. Not every Taco Bell manager will be do this much, however, and also the fast food chain definitely has a strategic reason for giving the six-figure salary. 

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Food sector publication QSR Magazine"s editorial director Sam Oches stated that the salary bang is all around attracting better talent come its restaurants. "In today"s environment, though, it"s much more competitive than ever," Oches explained (via WBUR). "And so several of these restaurants are searching for ways the they can invest in their employees so that they can limit their turnover and also keep their employees at their restaurants and also not go to competitors."

Considering that quick food restaurants are regularly engaged in every little thing from "chicken sandwich wars" to "fish wars" and also "breakfast wars," this renders a lot of sense. Quick food restaurants see a most turnover at all levels, and the rapid food manager job can be high-pressure v a constant demand for speed. Oches explained Taco Bell"s hope the if lower-level employees see the high dissension potential, they"ll be less likely to run ship and opt for working their way up the ladder instead. 

The $100,000 value will likely only come into play, though, at corporate-operated Taco Bells that pull in over $2 million a year. 


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Even in ~ Taco Bells where basic managers aren"t making six figures, Taco Bell still appears to win out many of their fast food rivals when it pertains to pay. "If you"re in a town v a McDonald"s and also a burgess King and a Subway and also a Taco Bell, and also Taco Bell"s payment the many — there"s gonna be an ext demand for the position," defined Oches. 

It"s not unusual for crew members in cities with a competitive labor industry to do $10 to $12 an hour and also GMs to make close come $80,000. A Taco Bell basic manager top top Reddit said their salary was in between $55 and also $70k — and that was eight year ago. For comparison, a McDonald"s general manager top top Reddit in 2017 stated they make $45,000 a year. 

Money isn"t everything, the course, yet when there"s no that much distinction in the task duties, money really deserve to make all the difference.