The Havana Brown is a cat breed determined with the Swiss mountain Cat, which is well known in England. Today, a variety of cats have actually been cross-bred with the Siamese cat to create brand-new colors and also patterns, and also the Havana Brown is among these hybrids. These cat originated from Thailand and have a rich, deep brown color, which it’s known for.

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“Taco, Havana Brown” (CC by 2.0) by  rikkis_refuge

How much does a Havana Brown cat cost?

A pure breed Havana brown the is three months old can price anywhere from $500 to $1,300 or more.  This will all count on its quality, age, markings, the breeder and also geographical location. A combined breed Havana brown cat deserve to be as tiny as $0 to $50 in ~ a regional shelter. states this cat can be in the $300 come $500 range.

What is going to be included?

Most dependable owners will market a health and wellness guarantee, a health examination, up-to-date vaccinations and also registration paperwork. Part breeders and local house may additionally send you home with offers such together toys, cat food and/or litter.

Most breeds room going to have a well-off darker brown coat that has a touch that red and green-colored oval eyes. Most tend to be medium-sized with a muscular human body if retained healthy. Its coat is well-known to be glossy, smooth, sleek and straight.

What space the extra costs?

Cats may have to be registered each year in her city. Most licenses can cost $15 to $40.

Recurring cat prices need to be factored in. This can encompass the cat litter, cat food, toys and also routine vet visits. Arrangement on budgeting at least $30 come $40 every month to take treatment of her cat.

Since these breeds are rather rare, shipping might be required. If the cat is shipped via one airline, the breeder will incorporate an airline authorized crate. Airline shipping costs can start at $150 and can be as much as $400, depending on the airline and the destination. This cat is very rare and also there are only well-known to it is in 1,000 cat that exist in the world.

Tips come know

The mean lifespan, if healthy, is 10 come 15 years.

As because that it temperament, it is an extremely affectionate, friendly, demanding at times and can be really playful if a toy is nearby. Since of that is playfulness, it can get in addition to both adults and also children in the home.

The Havanese is capable of finding out tricks such as play fetch and also learning just how to sit.

He or she will be happy come live with various other cats or familiar dogs. Be certain to present them progressively in a managed environment to make sure they acquire along.

Males have the right to weigh eight come 11 pounds, if females have the right to be a pinch smaller, weighing 6 to eight pounds.

The CFA will only accept the brown color, but the TICA accepts both chocolate and also lilac colors.

These cats tend to it is in shy approximately strangers that they don’t know, yet they are rather loyal to your owners.

These details breeds are going to need a an easy combing at least two time a week. Due to the fact that they often tend to shed, combing can aid keep a pretty glossy look. A great diet and also frequent bathing deserve to keep its coat looking healthy as well.

This breed, unlike other cat, breeds has a medium-short brown-mahogany-like cloak with increased highlights. The second characteristic is its “corn cob” muzzle that appears to be join to the skull, not arising from it like various other cats.

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The breed is known to develop calcium oxalate stones in that is urinary tract and can it is in a victim of obesity if overfed.